MUni Weekend T-shirt slogan ideas

The 2003 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend T-shirts (and sweatshirts) are going to be committed to the printer’s in the next few days. The shirts will be some shade of green, with the California state flag on the front. Here’s an example of the flag, with some early draft text underneath (see below).

The only difference in the flag will be that the bear will be on a unicycle (John Hooten artwork). Then it will say something like “California Mountain Unicycle Weekend, Rockville, Auburn, Downieville - 2003” and possibly a silly quote or phrase at the bottom. I’m looking for phrase ideas. Here are our quotes or phrases from the past:

1996 - No shirt
1997 - “Let’s Get Dirty!” For the powdery dirt of Northstar
1998 - “No brakes, no gears, no handlebars, no problem”
1999 - “No, we’re not practicing for the circus”
2000 - “Dirt: It’s not just for breakfast anymore”
2001 - “1 x 1 Off Road”
2002 - “2002 One-Wheeled Cruz” (Santa Cruz)

Here are some of my (and Jacquie’s) silly ideas. Please comment, or add your own:

  • What our new flag should look like
  • Does a bear MUni in the woods?
  • Unicycle Republic
  • MUni Republic
  • No, our state is not practicing for the circus
  • Our state doesn’t mess around
  • Wheel be back (funny if Arnold S. wins the election)

Which ones do you like? Others? You only have a day or two to respond and have your ideas possibly get used…


I think the Cal flag image with text speaks the best.

I agree. I don’t think we need a slogan. A picture is worth a thousand words. If I do come up with something clever, however, I’ll let you know.

thats a pretty “red” image logo,why not just put a hammer and sickle by that star?

Governer Red Davis would like that too…

Elmer Fudd instead of the bear, with the tag line: The one wheelie quawified candidate for governor.

“No, the missing wheel is not due to budget cuts”

maybe only funny if you work in state job or education.

maybe not funny even if you do.

ok I’m going to cry now.


I like that! :slight_smile: :smiley:


If anything I would say Fewer Words are better than too many.

The Logo Speaks for itself.

Bear necessity ?
(ok might be already copyrighted :smiley: )


Re: MUni Weekend T-shirt slogan ideas

too funny

It’s too bad we will have to make our order in the next day or two, before knowing the outcome of our recall craziness. We’ll have to order less than a week before the election. Oh well…

Budget cuts is funny, but doesn’t fit the major arguments in the current situation. Most are complaining about too much spending without equivalent income, while others are complaining stuff like “It’s not fair” while implying everything’s fine. Uh, I don’t want to turn this into a political discussion!

Looks like we’re going to go with no slogan this year. I agree with the first two respondants; none needed!

I agree that no slogan is needed, but, how about changing California Republic to Calf forming Republic.

and you could add a smile to that star

“Calf-forming Republic” is a great one! It doesn’t really match our cartoony-looking bear though. He looks like a more casual rider.

Anyway, the T-shirts have been ordered, and I decided on no slogan to keep it a nice, clean design. Just the flag, with bear on unicycle, and below the flat it will say:

Mountain Unicycle Weekend
Rockville - Auburn - Granite Bay - Downieville - 2003

Shirt color will be a pale green, as in the draft image I posted earlier. I would have liked to use a darker green, but to print the large area of white and not have it be a giant wind barrier, our printer recommended doing it as a dot pattern. This will look better on a lighter-colored shirt.

I ordered less than last year, so if you want one ($20 shipped within the U.S.), don’t wait too long!

Thanks for all your suggestions.

Can I order one even if I’m not coming? What sizes are available?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I don’t get whe whole flag thing. Isn’t that what the flag looks like now?

Yes, that’s why I mentioned shipping :smiley:

Sizes are: S, M, L, XL. Sweatshirts ($30) will be L only. Orders will be filled first-come, first-served in order of receipt of your funds. People doing volunteer work for the USA (or IUF) might also get me to reserve one right away…

Don’t forget to read the post that came with the flag… :slight_smile:

Oops, I lied! T-shirts are $20 for MUni Weekend attendees first, and anyone I can hand-deliver to second. The shipped price is $25. Still $30 for sweatshirts.

Sorry about that.

apparantly, u’re not the only one…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: