MUni Weekend ride sharing

I need a ride from Davis, CA. contact me if any ride is possible. email= phone=805-368-2371

Note: Separated into own thread, was part of a 1998 thread. - Gilby

Were you looking for a ride to Auburn for the 1998 MUni Weekend (the introduction of Kris Holm to the unicycling world), or Santa Barbara? :roll_eyes:

I’m driving down with three other people on Thursday morning. But I don’t know if we’ll have room for a 5th person or if that fits your schedule. We’re staying at a rental cabin in SB. Anyone else?

David and for everyone: i emailed the bay area muni list to see if anyone has a ride to give or if anyone else needs a ride.

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I totally didn’t realize that post was from ages ago. How funny (and embarrising).