MUni Weekend Question?

Some people have started to tell me there opinions on the Vancouver Island MUni Weekend we will be hosting and a few of them have said it would be better if it was less event-orientated. How do other people that are planning to attend feel about this? We could do without the events all together, or have one day with a few small events, or stick to what was planned. If we stick to the original plan, this means more work for us, and less time for us to ride. If we change the plan, people will have more time to explore trails they’ve never ridden before.
Tell me what you think.



Either way the event is going to be cool, I think the number of riders that you are expecting is going to make the big difference here… I think if your expecting alot of people to make the event the more planned your going to have to make it, having people that know the differnent trails lead rides for both beginer and more advanced riders. Plan now and you can allways ditch the plans later, but it’ll drive you crazy to try to orginize at the last minute.


i plan on comin’ just to ride. any other events mean very little to me. i missed moab as my wife was exceedin’ly busy with work. this is closer, so i am dyin’ to go ride…

At the California (/Idaho/Nevada) MUni Weekends, we so far have not actually devoted an entire half day to competition events. We’ve had great Trials competitions in Santa Cruz, and the amazing backyard playground equipment of Joe Stoltzfus in Idaho. Plus we had less formal events at the earlier MUni Weekends.

In Moab we had a great collection of games, but again the time involved was less than half a day.

What does this mean? I’m not sure. But it seems true that people so far come to Weedend MUni events primarily to ride trails. If there is good riding available while people are competing, you probably don’t have any problem at all.

My guess would be to devote no more than half a day to your events. This makes it easy to divide the day, and possibly gives people the option to either ride elsewhere or be tourists in Vancouver (unless you’re far away) for that half of the day.

Based on our experience in Moab, I highly recommend the competitions be in the morning, followed by “fun” riding in the afternoon! :smiley:

Vancouver is about 1 1/2 hr ferry and 25 minute drive from from Victoria )on Vancouver Island) to Tswassen.
Where on Vancouver Island are the weekend festivities planned?

i just wanna ride some muni and trials…

The festivities are planned between courtenay and campbell river, the central location being Miracle Beach, Black Creek.

Thanks for the info. I may make it then:D