MUni Weekend photos now posted!

I finally got my MUni Weekend photos posted on Ofoto. I know, it’s not the most perfect viewing site, but they do give me free storage for my literally thousands of photos:

For best viewing, you must create an Ofoto account. To my knowledge, I have not received any spam through them, and the don’t pester me. They just make great prints. Once you’ve established an account, you no longer have to look at pictures on the “Buy prints” tab. Click on “View & edit albums” and all the albums in your account will be there, with the newest ones first.

Feel free to order prints for yourself. If you want copies of the image files, contact me with the number(s) listed under the pictures (until I get captions in there) for reference.

Re: MUni Weekend photos now posted!

Awesome pics, wish I could have been there. Looks like a blast.


Nice pics. Wish i lived near some decent trails.

I posted just a few pix at back about a month ago.

If you haven’t seen them them yet, check out this link.

Wow!!! Great photos. I wish I lived near all of you.

I’m surprised nobody commented about the dark and sideways pictures. Somehow I managed to post the wrong set of my MUni Weekend pictures, and the ones I had Photoshopped got lost in the process. I had to Photoshop them all again! Duh.

So now they look a lot better, and they’re all right side up. As always, Ofoto is not the world’s best viewing site. But if you click on the View tab you can still see larger versions of the photos. You can order prints straight from Ofoto, up to 20 x 30 in most cases, or ask for copies of the digital files from me.

Great photos.

I was browsing through them quite quickly and had to do a double take at number 118, the t-shirt shot.

At first I thought it said “no brains”…:slight_smile:

Re: MUni Weekend photos now posted!

On Thu, 5 Dec 2002 16:25:30 -0600, johnfoss
<> wrote:

>I’m surprised nobody commented about the dark and sideways pictures.

Well I thought “Hm, John seems to have lowered his standard to the
prevailing “as is” norm.” But should I rub that in? Anyway, thanks for
keeping up the good work.

(I’ll tell ya, quite often I temporarily save a pic from the web and
work on it just to have a better look. In most cases, even the simple
procedure in Microsoft Photo Editor to do AutoBalance and then crank
up the Gamma somewhat works wonders.)

Klaas Bil

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