MUni Weekend -- one hotel room left!

The Stoltzfus family, hosts of the 2002 Sun Valley Mountain Unicycle
Weekend, report that there is one room left in the set they blocked off at
the local motel. There will be other rooms in the area, but not as close.
There’s still room for camping or floor (or yard?) sleeping.

The folks at are sending up a prize box, and I am also
assembling some of the famous “John’s old stuff” like we gave away at the
earlier MUni Weekends. You too could have a full-color poster from UNICON
III (Tokyo, 1987) or a pair of my beat-up old pedals!

There will be trails trials, and lots of fun. I am personally looking
forward to making my own trail down a mountainside of sagebrush. Never
done that before!

It looks like this year we’ll have a relatively intimate group (around
40?). Plenty of chance to meet and get to know everybody! Come ride
with the people you read about here at the unicycling newsgroup. Pose
for pictures by me and/or Nathan Hoover. Eat pizza. Use your air seat
as a pillow.

Here’s the info:

See you there,

John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

“The difference between a winner and a loser is character.”