Muni Weekend Intro

Quick highlite reel from the Muni Weekend

Group ‘picture’ at Fromme gate.
Pipeline group photo.
Kris doing skinny log beside Pipeline.
Kris making a new line on log beside Upper Oilcan.
Justin doing 7 ft gap. Pingu trail on Mt Seymour
Cody Williams and Justin Kohse doing crank flips off skinny @ Seymour
3 on a Teeter Totter, Pipeline
Summersault on CBC
Cody - big fall on Salvation.
Tumbling unicycle on CBC (it really is steep!)

Episodes to follow…

Sweet, liked the video. Some great unicycling in there, looks like it was a great event!

really cool! look’s like you guys from canada have to ride with us from liechtenstein/switzerland, that would be great! are some of you coming to europe for unicon 2012?

awesome weekend!

i’d love to try and make it out to a unicon sometime soon.