MUni Weekend in newspaper! (Sacramento Bee)

Saw this today:

Carlos Alacalá: Only one wheel required for these high-mountain bike rides

By Carlos Alcalá – Bee Staff Writer
Published 2:15 a.m. PDT Sunday, October 5, 2003

Three days, one wheel: At, there are photos of 35 things not to do on a unicycle. Among them are riding on thin ice, sand dunes and parapets of the Great Wall of China. Oddly, however, riding steep trails on one wheel is not discouraged. In fact, unicyclers are invited to three days of MUni (mountain unicycling) in the Sacramento area Oct. 17-19, with Oct. 18 dedicated to riding hills near Auburn and Granite Bay. When Graniteer John Hooten first heard of MUni, “I thought that was just the dumbest-sounding thing on earth,” he said. Now he’s hooked and uni-rides several hours a week. “I never get tired of going out on trails.” (Not two-tired, anyway.) Unicycling is a better workout than two-wheeling because you can’t coast, Hooten said. “You pedal up hills, and you pedal down hills.” He is a local one-wheel big wheel, helping to run the unicycling weekend. His son was the figure shown riding a unicycle on the cover of the 2002 Roseville Telephone directory. … If you want to join the local MUni fun, check out the Web site, where you can also find this warning about one of the group’s upcoming high-mountain rides: “There is danger of falling down and skinning your knee, falling down and landing in a patch of star thistle (ouch!) or falling off the trail and not landing for a long time.” Ouch, indeed. …

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If you get The Bee, it’s on the South Placer section on the bottom of the front page…

-Jess Riegel

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Thanks for posting that, Jess! We don’t get the South Placer section, so I hope you can save me a copy if you have an extra.

I wonder where that coverage came from? I have to admit I didn’t contact the paper. Someone there must have stumbled across the Web site!