muni weekend i need a uni!!!!

hey I was just wondering if anybody has a muni or coker i could use during muni weekend?? I still have my trials but I dont think ill be using it on the trials!


zack man, i may be able to hook you up w/my coker (just don’t break it!). or, email nathan – he may have a muni.


My Wilder will be available on Friday and Saturday until I have to go home, but if the post is too long you might have to find something shorter to stick in there. I think it’s one of the “standard” sizes, but don’t offhand remember which. I have 145mm cranks on it now, which you may consider short for your type of riding.

I’m not really worried about you breaking it, except maybe the seat post. That would give me an excuse to get a better one, though you’d have to chip in… :slight_smile:

Bring your Trials of course. It may be fine, depending on the length of the rides you go on.

Hay bro I can roll you with a moded torker dx muni, PM me