MUni Weekend game ideas needed

I’m looking for game ideas for the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend, coming up in a few weeks. We have one contest that’s been traditional; that’s the Confluence Uphill. This is an uphill race we will do Saturday morning in Auburn, before heading off to the trails. Or maybe after the trails, to cut down on slack time at the end of the ride(s).

Our first games place will be an area I will call the Quarry, at Rockville Hills Park. We will do games there on Friday afternoon, making it possible for latecomers to find us in the park. I’ve attached a picture of the area, which has lots of exposed rock, so we might be able to do some of the games that were done at Moab this year.

So we may or may not be able to stick tape to the ground. Keep that in mind. If you’re coming to MUni Weekend, please suggest games you would be willing to help set up or run. We may be limited to a small number of games, depending on number of people available to run them, and time to play them.

We will also have some time for games on Saturday afternoon. We will move ourselves to Granite Bay, and either use the Hooten property, or go to a spot along Folsom Lake for some rock-hopping. How much Trialsy stuff we do will depend on what we can get built or brought by then. None of us organizers is real big on Trials, and we don’t own much in the way of portable Trials stuff. Lloyd Johnson of Truckee will bring down some toys he’s made, and we’ll see what we can do with them.

Please submit your game ideas here!


Do you want us to repost ideas that we had from the last thread like this?
I’ve got 5 solid plastic rings that measure 14" across. We could use them for markers for some sort of course, or we could use them for the idea of unicycle Twister (where the rider has to hop from ring to ring according to the color a spinner lands on). I’ll bring the rings, and they should come in handy somehow.

Not sure if you’re looking for games or contests, such as hopping up the rocks?

Otherwise, there are tag games and many others listed on my web site:

Relays are fun and easy, too. You might be able to do uphill/downhill relays – and something like balancing a beanbag while riding a rough course.

If the 20 games on the web site aren’t what you’re looking for, maybe they could give you some ideas for other things to try.

Have fun!


I think it would be cool to set up two identical trials lines, and have speed trials races over them. Or, you could do a time trial, trials thing, where you have one fairly simple line, and people get timed to see who can do it the fastest.


Thanks for the replies.

Paco: I couldn’t find the older thread. If anyone can find it, please post a link, and I’ll put something on the old thread to point people to this one.

Bring along the rings. If you think of any game ideas for them, please think out the details.

Carol: Thanks for the link. I’ll have to have a look and see what I think will work and be topical for a MUni Weekend.

Ryan: We will only have what Trials obstacles people want to build, which probably won’t be much. Speed Trials is fun to watch, but requires an extensive course to be built – twice. Not likely.

Everyone: What I’m looking for is detailed written instructions/rules for games, that I can have printed up before MUni Weekend to hand out as was done in Moab. I’ll go through the games used at Moab as well, because I thought those were great.


Here it is.

I still vote for Hop Slalom. Here’s the rules:

We lay down a straight line between 20 and 30 feet length (whatever we can fit on reasonably flat ground). Starting line at one end, finish line at the other. The contestants will hop, not pedal, from the start to the finish, and they must cross the tape line with EACH hop. Missing the cross-over is like missing a slalom gate…you’re out. Fast time with no missed crosses wins.

This would test for a combo of good long/fast forward hopping, while introducing the side-to-side element for amusement of the gallery.

We played a game at NAUCC 2001 in Toronto that was fun (but deceptively hard): the can crush line. You line up a bunch of empty aluminum cans some distance apart, say 12". You hop onto the first one, crushing it. Then with no extra hops, onto the second, crushing it. Repeat until you miss one - person with the most wins.

This would be done at a lunch or dinner where sodas are provided like at at Muni weekend '99 and '02 in Santa Cruz. You need a lot of cans, but it is actually hard to crush many in a row unless you’re really good at precision hopping.

Photo from 2001



I am going to start saving cans to try it!

Instead of tape, maybe we could use some heavy duty, visible twine. That is, if we can’t use tape.

Wal-Mart carries great little orange sports cones that are quite cheap. It’s easy to buy 20-30 to mark courses and the like.

slolom can be even more hardcore if you use two tape lines x distance apart and you have to hop across both everytime!

I like the hop slalom. Ropes taped to the ground would be better to show line violations. Two ropes, that could be varying distances apart, could make the course more challenging, especially if they get farther apart toward the end…

Keep those great ideas coming!

or the slowest…

would an off-road slow race attract any/many competitors?

The hard part would of course be where you had to hop up or over things… :slight_smile:

I was never a big fan of slow races because they’re so hard to judge. It tends to boil down to not so much as who was the slowest, but who had the most lenient judge.

Don’t know if I should admit this or not, but at NAUCC this year, I waited until I noticed a very young slow race judge who was letting riders get away with pretty much anything. Then I went out and did my timed runs. That’s what we call ‘playing the game.’ To improve on this, we need either better (more consistent) judging, or a better way to do slow racing.

unicycle ultimate frisbee

that seems to contradict the traditional ‘old bulldog-new tricks’ school of thought

hell yeah
i’ve been dying to play that since i learnt how to ride
u organise it and i might just do something stupid

This one gets my vote as well!

Uh, assume I never played ultimate frisbee. A little help please?

Sounds like a game best played on a flatter area