Muni Weekend Episode 6: CBC Part 1

Day 2 of Muni Weekend begins with CBC Trail, on Mt Seymour

Its hard to tell, but that opening at CBC is pretty steep.
I like the long skinny at the end and let the music run out to emphasis how it just keeps going and going… And it takes a bit of skill and bravery too.
CBC is an amazing trail.

I threw in some photos from the weekend… This one is a crank flip on Pipeline


what is that orange uni in the beginning? with the funky frame?

It’s a telford. They haven’t been in production for quite some time, as I recall.

Thanks for recognizing the Telford, Max. Sounds cool… designed for suspension. Its made it this long (from 2006) so it must be well built.
James G in vanuni used to have a suspension seat post, but the unicycle was stolen :frowning: Its a little odd to ride, which is perhaps why they’re not around today.
I hope someone keeps examples of these pioneering unicycles, for a uni museum in the future.

At 0:17 is Justin’s electric assist unicycle, which made the front page of CNN

As per usual … Love your films!

I also enjoyed it.

Great footage as always. Have you considered making use of a small steadicam setup ? I’ve watched a few DIY projects on YouTube and they seem fairly easy to make. Only problem would be size and weight depending on what you do.

Every time I watch one of your videos I have this feeling of jealousy that comes over me :slight_smile: Your trails are awesome !!

Hey, could you upload this one without music? I enjoyed the other videos, but this one I can’t watch here in germany… :frowning:

I was wondering if that would come up. The ones without music are interesting to hear what people said, but also dont get blocked.
I can’t easily remake this one without music, but I’ve posted it on vimeo. Hope that works for you.