Muni Weekend Episode 5: Pipeline Redux

Its Pipeline again, from my perspective

My favorite part was the no footer I didn’t even remember I’d filmed.
Theres a nice still stand on a skinny.
Cody talks about the merits of his hat at the end. But on day 2 he wore a helmet.


It’s great seeing the same action from different perspectives. Gives you a much more all-round feel of everything, so thanks for that phthoruth :slight_smile:

…and for Shug, one without music

Great once again!

Unlike “Open House”, where it was just me filming, here we’ve seen Nick’s, John’s and my film on the same trail. And a clip from Yves. Each a little different. Nick filmed people. John stood back. I filmed action. And I edited each like that.

It occurs to me James’ camera, which I borrowed when I ran out of batteries, might have some footage he shot too. Yup… theres more from Pipeline. sigh. You’re probably bored of Pipeline.

Thanks. I like this one too.
Its concise, extreme, synced to the music. The riding is so good, its easy to make these videos. Although in this one, I started with 16 minutes of footage, and it was all good, so its a shame not to show more of it.

Nope… not at all … in fact keep them coming. You guys have such awesome trails to ride, I have no problem with seeing them over and over again. :slight_smile:

Yeah … thanks for the no-music version! Although with music one is terrific as well.
On these “group” rides I just like to hear the natural sounds … does not seem to work as well on a one-man ride.
Very skilled and ballsy riders!!!

James Hargrave says
I some how missed the bit with Cody talking I’ll watch it again and listen closer…

As best I can tell, this is what he says about his hat:

“I actually have had an accident before.
I was going back and I caught that door and it shot my head that way.
So I actually once this did save my head from injury.
So I’ve gotten saved more times from a hat bill than a helmet.”

I totally agree. Firstly, I didn’t think a ‘no music’ version would be as good as it is. My filming and editing style is very much music video, synced to the music. And the short clips (1.5 seconds) dont allow much more than cheers and groans. Sometimes I film people talk, like at the end, which I kept in the music version. And yet it really is interesting to hear all the sounds.

In the end, if I had to pick, I’d still go with the music one. This particular song is great. I think you just dont like lady gaga that I used in episode 1. :slight_smile:
Music is a key element in my videos. First I try many songs til I find the one that best matches the content. Then I edit around it. I call it sequencing and fine edit. I arrange the clip order to match the song. The quiet parts and the lyrics. Then I tweek the timing, to exactly match the beats and transitions. There are numerous examples in this video
‘line it up baby’ timed to Kris drop onto a log
A quiet part, timed for the guy doing a still stand on a skinny

Re Very skilled and ballsy riders!!!
My rule of thumb, editing wise is to keep spectacular successes, and spectacular failures. And clips that express personality. Everyone there was skilled. But some people just make it look easy. Which is boring. Even Kris is border line… he makes it too look easy… except he’s doing things are you’d have thought were impossible.
And everyone loves a good crash. Its one way to judge how difficult things are.
So it comes off as ballsy. Which is fun to watch. Its not exactly what it was like, if you were there. Really, we’re all there to have fun, its got lots of easy parts that anyone can ride. Its like Hollywood Northshore - a dramatization of the events at muni weekend.
That said, these are some of the best muni riders in the world, in a fantastic location, and they fed off each other, doing things I’ve never seen done on these trails. It was awesome. And I’m glad I caught it on film.

Nice edit. Always enjoy your videos.