Muni Weekend Episode 4: Pipeline - John's Run

Part 2 of John’s footage is Pipeline

My favorite part was the teeter totter with 3 riders all at once.
Justin and Cody did nice crankflips from a log.
Kris did rode a couple skinny logs I hadnt seen done before: one beside a bridge, and the other a drop from the rollercoaster onto a skinny log.

I left the footage for this one relatively unedited, so its a bit long, but I thought it suited John’s more candid documentary filming style.

And just for Shug, theres a version without music:


very nice–i didnt think it was too long at all. you got too see everything, not just the pristine bits

At first when I saw the title I though I had already watched the vid ! Nice work once again, great intro.

These videos have helped inspire me to be more aggressive about trying new sections of the local trails.

I especially like not having the soundtrack from Episode 1!

At first I was going to do this and episode 3 as one long one, but being 2 different trails, I think it makes more sense like this.
The next episode is also from Pipeline, but from my camera, which will have a different style to it.

Once in awhile I like to keep all of it.

haha. Next time I use lady gaga, I’ll be sure to do a no music version for ya.

Awesome! loved this one again!
how many episodes will there be? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d estimate 8 at this point. One more from Pipeline and then onto Mt Seymour.

Awesome as usual:) I liked the longer format.

The music-less one was nice in its own way. I noticed a few things I didn’t before, like what Cody actually said when he was trying those 360 & 180’s. If I had to pick either w/ or w/o music though, I’d definitely pick with.

Nice … pure … all the sounds of MUnis … all the conversation and excitement and disappointment and encouragement.
I loved it!!!
Tough runs for sure.

I will watch the “with tunage” version as well now…
OK … did it. For me the non-music. I think just because the trail is so interesting… really fantastic rolls.
All your films are terrific and I always look forward to them.