Muni Weekend Episode 2: Upper Oilcan

Upper Oilcan Video

Saturday’s ride had 3 trails at Mt Fromme: Upper Oilcan, Pipeline and Natural High.
This is the first part of Upper Oilcan that I shot, plus 2 clips at the end shot by Yves.

I started up the road somewhere in the middle of the group. Half way, at Pipeline, I stopped for a break and pictures of the group that would do the short run.
Knowing Kris’s pace, I wouldn’t catch up, so I took a shortcut up the Oilcan trail and intercepted them at the interesting part.

One thing I missed filming was Kris doing a skinny round log, gapping to a small stump, then onto the bridge. So I’ve included a plausible diagram

Only Kris got the steep ramp, but Cody came really close, crashing at the bottom. Other people noticed it is really bouncy, so you can’t hop… you just have to go.


Enjoyed that very much, the nofooter was sick.

So awesome! especially the brake assisted coasting at 3:15 :smiley:

Yeah, I’ve heard of Beau doing that but to see a vid clip of it is another matter :astonished: :sunglasses:

Are more episodes coming?:o

My life is now complete. I was in a phthoruth video <3 :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, this video was awesome!! As other people have said, the brake coasting was crazy, and there were so many other good parts! I kind of hate how Kris and the other really good riders make really hard parts look so easy!

I can’t wait for the next part:D

Can’t believe the trails you guys have to ride, they are just amazing !!! Excellent riding, and well put together video phthoruth. Enjoyed watching, thanks. Any more ? :slight_smile:

Awesome! 1:45 Thats a steep ramp alright! :astonished: No footed coasting rocks! Nice line down the rock. Nice vid, like the music.

Thanks for the comments… I’ll just respond to these 2, since we all seem to like the same things

I’d never seen a no footer in person. And certainly not in muni. The technical talent was amazing… I’ve seen these trails ridden many times, but not like this.
In the video it kinda catches you by surprise, because its near the end.
I usually show some teasers. There were other attempts, but this was the most successful. I’ll try to include the other rider no footers in a future episode.

I like that I was able to show something people haven’t seen before. My videos have always been about showing off the people, the place, and the things they do.

Yes, there will be more episodes.
My son and I got 6 memory cards worth. I also got footage from James, Yves and Nick. There were other people with cameras, and I’d be happy to include it. Hard to say how many episodes, but last time it was 7.

Thanks for the detailed feedback!
Re steep rock
Yes, its super steep! Some people think I’m film worthy, the way I run and jump filming the riders. This was only the 2nd time I can remember that I didn’t follow someone. The first time was in ‘circus’ on a crazy high skinny. This time, just running down that ramp looked dangerous. I also had to run gingerly, because it was very bouncy, and I didnt want to make the log bounce so much to make the riders fall.
As usual, the ramp looks flatter than in real life. And I enjoyed including Kris talking about it. Wish I’d caught Cody trying it… he mostly made it. The only other person I’ve even see try is Ryan Kremsater.

Re line down rock
Thats a scarey big rock, near the top of CBC if I recall. Yves sent me a couple clips, so I just threw them in there. Thats Sep from Guatemala making it. More to come…

Re nice music
Crystal Method always works well with muni vids. Its got the right tempo and sounds technical, like the riding. It sounds awesome on headphones.
One of my favorite vanuni videos is Circus

“Over the line” perfectly matched Kris Holm and David Weichenberger’s riding.

A. I want to go back.
B. but not to the flying circus, that looks f’ing crazy

What you can’t tell from the video is that during the muni weekend we had absolutely the best conditions you will ever find on the north shore. Nothing was slippery at all, usually it is. That day at circus was probably the most slippery I’ve ever seen (felt?) it. You can see at about 3:09, everyone is super careful just walking down the log, it was so slippery that David was even able to grid on the logs!


  • James

The places ya’ll ride are like the DisneyWorld for MUni.
Terrific video as always.
Liked the tunage on this one.

I always love your vids and definitely look forward to them more than anyone else’s :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Circus - That log @ 3:07 must have been REALLY slippery. Was it just wet or covered w/ some mossy/slimy substance?

It’s slim (algae?) of some sort, on the logs. It felt like walking on ice.

DisneyWorld for MUni… I like that :slight_smile:
The music is Crystal Method… which always works for muni.

And then there was last years Open House, which had the most rain of any ride we’ve been on. See Open House 7

Since people liked the no footer, I’ve included the fails in episode3.