Muni Weekend Episode 1: Nick's Run

The first episode from Vancouver Muni Weekend is called Nick’s Run, because it’s filmed by Nick Wimpney:

In addition to vanuni people, theres Noli Ergas, Tom Holub, and John Foss.

I was happy to get Nick’s footage because in my filming, I hardly saw the vanuni people, who were making sure noone got lost.
Noone was left behind, but 3 people did go to hospital - a dislocated shoulder, broken elbow, and bee stings.

YouTube - Muni Weekend Episode 1 Nick's Run - Google Chrome 9102010 124838 PM.jpg

awesome, great to see all those trails again, and glad to see my somersault bail immortalized.

Awsome :smiley: Some great riding there, I’d love to visit Vancouver someday!

Cool video phthoruth. Awesome trails and bails as always :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see Episode 2 :slight_smile:

Hey Roland. That was one of the best falls ever!
Good of you to respond, cuz I’m gonna struggle getting everyone’s names right for the credits.

Visitors are welcome anytime. Next years “California Muni weekend” will likely be in California or Oregon. But Vancouver may do an “Open House”.

Thanks Johnny!

awesome! :smiley: