MUni weekend dates?


Does anyone know the dates for MUni Weekend 2002? Is there a website?


September 20-22, 2002

For more info see Nathan’s post in this thread

I hope I’ll be able to make it there this year.

Re: MUni weekend dates?

If your in the UK


13th-15th September - Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

See last years website for now

It was such a good venue and since nobody had the time to organise a Muni weekend elsewhere we’re goinfg back to Bracelands Campsite with teh Saturday ride starting from the Pedalabikeaway cycle centre again.

Leo White Cheltenham

Photos from last year …

John better be there! I want to buy him a beer!:smiley:

Work the maze.

RE: MUni weekend dates?

> September 20-22, 2002
> For more info see Nathan’s post in this thread
> <>

It will be hard to out-do John Childs’ hosting of group rides almost every
day of NAUCC and UNICON. What a giant treat for all the MUni people at those
conventions! Thanks, John. I really hope you can make the MUni Weekend, you
deserve a break from being the ride leader!

No Web site yet, but I’ll try to get something up soon. It should be another
big one, and very fun, including Trials competitions. Santa Cruz was the
most popular and highest-attended MUni Weekend so far!

Stay on top,
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