MUni Weekend 2002, Santa Cruz, September 20-22

There is now a MUni Weekend 2002 Web page!

The details are somewhat minimal at the moment, but it tells the important
basics. Preordered videos will be $20, if there’s a registration fee it will
probably be $20, and the T-shirts will be either $15 or $20. Stay tuned for
updates, which should also be announced here when they happen.

Who wants sweatshirts?

Stay on top,
John Foss
the Uni-Cycone

“Next time, I don’t want to camp the old fashioned way. I want the new and
improved way… WITH NO BEARS!!!” – 10 year old nephew Austin Miller, on
our recent camping experience (in a tent, with a bear trashing the campsite

What is the Braille Trail ride on Friday like? How long is it? Does it involve a big climb and then some downhill?


I was curious about more details on the difficulty of the Mailboxes ride and how long that ride is expected to go into the evening.

PLease include in any upcoming updates,


I’m not a very good reader, and I keep seeing Foss’s 10yr old wanting to go camping without any BEERs. -Until I realize how ridiculous it would be to camping without beer.

On a more serious note, I may not be able to escape work during late Sept. If I could only find an occupation that would not require me to be anywhere, or do anything, I could spend more time cycling -albeit on a much tighter budget.