Muni VS Trials...

At the end of next month i will ahve about $600 at my disposal and ive decided to spend it on (whatelse…)unicycle stuff. im just having a hard time deciding whether i should get a trials wheelset with profiles(which would give me 2 splined trials unis)or if i should get a Bedford Muni with a KH hub and cranks(which would give me 3 unis, 1 splined muni, 1 splined trials, and one learner) i just cant decide what i wanna do though…i really want a muni but i want a good strong trials too(im currently runnin the gen 1 KH hub)i ride trials more but i still want somethoing that i can use to ride the trails with(the 20" trials doesnt have alot of rolling power). any suggestions?? arguements for or against each??

thanks in advance for the help

well if you already have a splined trials that’s not broken, get a muni for sure

in fact, unless you’re sure you’ll never do ANY muni, get one
and if u decide on a splined trials, get an '06 KH, it’s SO much better than profiles :smiley:

I would get the muni. The first gen KH hub is pretty good, it should last you a while unless you are going really high drops with horrible technique. There isn’t much point in having 2 splined trials unis because you will just pick one and not use the other at all.
So if I had to chose between a good muni and trials or 1 really good trials uni and another neglected one then I would choose the first one:)

to coldawg: if i did get trials it wouldnt be a new uni it would only be the wheelset

and im almost sure i will get the muni but im very flip floppy till its go time so ill probly just let my self battle my own brain till i have the money then settle happily.

id go for the kh freeride if u get the uni. it is very fun to ride.

Get a muni, then you would have both flavors!

Unless you really think you’ll break your trials. Which I doubt.

How so?

I just rode trials and street and i thought thats all i liked. Then i bought a Muni and turned a whole new page. I love it! Theres something about tearing through the woods that feels so good. Also if you get a muni you will have the choice between the two, Trials when its dry or Muni when its wet!

Whatever you get, im sure it will rock!

Rock on!

ha i would get the coker with some upgrades…but thats just me

depends on what you do or want to do more if you have the time and plan to do some muni go for the muni

but if you have way mor oportunities to do trials and street got for the wheels set…and besides if you get the new wheel set you will have some back up parts from your old wheel set

it really up 2 you but if i had 600 dollars at my disposal i wouldnt know what to do with it either…but i would prolly get a coker

not to start another profile / kh debate, but can you back up your opinion with anything more than a smiley? could you give me a few bullet points as to why i should throw away my profiles and get a kh, if it’s SO MUCH BETTER?

there’s a lot of opinionated comparisons made in these fora, but not many that are backed up with facts or even testemonials… you guys are a lousy bunch of salesmen!