What is your favorite type of unicycling? Mine would probably have to be street or trials. I like riding down steps and hoping on benches and stuff. What is your type of favorite unicycling?

I like them all. I’m not very good at trials, MUni, or street, but I do have a Trials uni and a MUni. I spend most of my time distance riding, but I probably enjoy MUni and trials the most.

PS. you left freestyle off the list… was that on purpose?


I’m pretty intrested in Freestyle, I think thats the direction i’m gonna head when I learn more things.


Freestyle is the best.

“freestyle is the best”…

I think there’s plenty of people who wouldn’t agree there…like me for one:p

I prefer MUni generally but am increasingly liking Trials the more recently.

Freestyle is most expressive and thats why I enjoy it so much, I like doing street too, thats pretty crazy,

As nice as the scenery or exploring potential is inside a sports hall or in the middle of a city, I’d rather be out in the country… I’m a muni person.


It sure is. its the safest of them all aswell :slight_smile:

The people that dont do freestyle dont because its to hard for them :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a muni, trials, 29er and freestyle, but I’m not particularly good at any of them specifically, I just love to unicycle! And the different types just seem to fall into the category of unicycling as a whole for me, if you see what I mean?

Each has its own challenges and appeals to me in different ways. I use my trials unicycle a lot, as it’s easy to take to most places and I know I’d have to do something stupid to break it. I love learning freestyle stuff and trying to link different tricks up etc. Plus you don’t need a special environment to do it in. I love muniing as it’s cool to thrash around off-road and pound your way through and over a natural environment. I’m just getting into road riding and the speed and idea of actually being able to get from A to C instead of just to B and having thewind in your hair and flies on your face!

Guys I am sorry I left freestyle off the list. And no it wasn’t on purpose. I can’t do much freestyle but I like pushing the limit on how high of a drop I can do. I have a Sun 20" so I will have to watch out for breaking it. Yesterday I went down a set of 13 stairs just riding down them.

that is true for me haha. i would love to get into freestyle unicycling, but i dont have the skill right now, nor the motivation to get it. so instead, i stick to what im good at and try to improve those skills. which is street of course. and i happen to find the scenery in the city better than out in the country. i prefer having people all around and the rush of the city. it puts a new feeling in your head and it really pushes me to go for tricks sometimes. hard to explain i guess. but yeah… street!


I like muni/trials and freestyle the same.I don’t really understand why people do distance but that’s up to them.
I like freestyle because it’s something to do when I can’t be bothered to get the pads on and go down the road to get to the trials spots + no feeling is like nailing a good coast or the acttual coast feeling it’s self.I also love gliding i love the speed of it lovely!
I like muni as it’s just cool!
I love trials as it’s just amazing
I want to make my self a b.c wheel.
Ben chambers-b.c wheel amazing!

Street, and urban trials i’m no good at muni (i can’t ride the skinnies [sp?])

Prolly true for me. If I was any good at freestyle, I’d put more time and effort behind it although I would probably still do street. The only reason I’m doing freestyle right now is so I can use some of the tricks in street and to improve my general balance. I’d do more but well I suck at it so what can you do?


I got started doing MUni, so that’s where I’ve been the best so far. Also, we have a lot of single track trails around where I live, so I’m actually pretty good at MUni. However, I’ve been leaning towards street/trials lately after finally learning to pogo/ hop well, and I’m planning on buying a trials uni soon.

I love trials and street. Trials moreso.

streets the way to go. For sure. Ledges, drops, opsticals… there all great. Im all for streets.

muni all the way, but im sure when i get my trials ill like that too. but im better at muni anyway.

Street and trials, with the basic freestyle stuff up to about level 5.


I like freestyle. You can do it with (almost) any unicycle, anytime, anywere. Not so with muni and trials, although I’d like to get into that stuff soon. (once I have the money for a splined wheelset and wide frame)

How does street differ from trials and freestyle? What makes it unique?