Muni vs cruiser

I have been searching around on this forum and online for some comparisons and haven’t had much of a solid answer regarding a cruiser. I know muni’s are bombproof considering the drops and serious riding they go through. My question is, do cruisers hold up the same way. I have a 24" sun, and really enjoy trials riding, but can’t use a 20" wheel, I hate it, can’t stay straight, its awful I’m just too tall. So I want a trials 24"…no such luck, so that leaves muni’s and cruisers. If I go with a muni, am I wasting my money for mostly trials, flatland riding on concrete with occasional offroading. Or will a good cruiser suffice?

I’m deciding between

Nimbus II cruiser -
Saddle - Nimbus Gel
S.P. Diameter - 25.4
S.P. Clamp Style - Quick Release
S.P. Clamp Size - 25.4
Frame Style - Flat top
Frame Construction - Steel
Frame Finish - Chrome
Bearing Housing - Machined 42mm
Bearing Size - 22 x 42 x 12
Rim Size - 24"
Rim Construction - Alloy
Rim Type - Double walled
Tire Size - 24 x 2.5
Tube Size - 24 x 2.125 or 24 x 2.6
Tire PSI - 65 psi
Hub Type - ISIS Spline
Hub Construction - Steel
Spoke Count - 48
Crank Arm Length - 150mm KH
Crank Arm Type - ISIS splined
Crank Arm Construction - alluminum
Pedal Type - platform 9/16"
Pedal Construction - plastic
Pedal Protector Size - N/A
Cycle Weights - 13 lbs

Nimbus Muni 24"
Saddle - Nimbus Gel Orange
S.P. Diameter - 25.4
S.P. Clamp Style - Double Bolt
S.P. Clamp Size - 25.4
Frame Style - Flat Top
Frame Construction - Steel with Magura Brake Mounts
Frame Finish - Orange Powdercoated
Bearing Housing - Machined
Bearing Size - 22 X 42 X 12
Rim Size - 24-inch
Rim Construction - Aluminum Alloy
Rim Type - Double Walled
Tire Size - 24 X 3.0
Tube Size - 24 X 3.0 (Duro Wildlife)
Tire PSI - 30-50
Hub Type - ISIS
Hub Construction - CrMo Steel
Spoke Count - 36
Crank Arm Length - 150mm KH
Crank Arm Type - Isis splined
Crank Arm Construction - Aluminum (Black)
Pedal Type - Platform
Pedal Construction - Aluminum
Pedal Protector Size - Size #1
Cycle Weight - 17

thanks for any help

Nobody is too tall to ride a 20". One year the world champion of Freestyle was 6’, 4" and rode a 20" Miyata and a Giraffe. In other words, you can get used to it if you want.

But I can understand wanting to go somewhere, and not just do Trials in localized areas all the time. 20" wheels are slow! So if you’re looking for a 24" equivalent, you could try a cruiser tire. You don’t need all that tread for Trials, though a cruiser tire might not be any lighter. Try to reduce your wheel weight.

You’re right about getting used to the 20"

Do you think that the cruiser would fair the abuse?

correction Fare

Both are Isis, both are double walled rims so they should both hold up well.

I assume you mean the tire? If the plan is for trials you want to stick with a splined crankset. So then it all depends on the tire. I can’t answer that, but I never minded wearing out tires. It just opens up the door for the next one. :slight_smile:

the muni would be a much better use of your money.
the heavier, wider rim will hold up much better to trials type riding

Thanks for the help guys, I was really on the fence with this decision. I’m goign to go with the muni, and just put on another tire for street stuff. This way I can always switch it and hit the trails. I’m going to order it from probably next week (i’m so excited to get a nice uni) :smiley:

I think if you want 2 wheels, you will have to put the cranks/pedals on them too probably unless you want to disassemble the whole wheel, correct? But I hope to know Friday whether the bigger wheel makes life easier. I was told it would. I’m not tall but kinda big for a 16" I think. I cant wait, pretty stoked here!

I use a Maxis Hookworm for smooth surface riding on my DX 24. The tire is pretty much indistructable however it is fairly heavy. Suprisingly it handles quite well off road too.

If I were you, I’d get the muni firstoff, and then if you feel you need a cruiser style uni, just buy a slick crusing tread, and interchange them whenever you need. The way I see it, it’s better to have too much than not enough durability