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i hate to be “that guy”, but there a lot of younger folks here on the forum and maybe you should let people know about the intense language in the music?

other then that, good vid. i liked the bails.

I love “that guy”!

To be quite honest… that was rubbish. As much as I love the Sex Pistols who originally did that song… it’s not the type of song for a family forum, and not really a song for a uni video either for that matter.

The riding was quite arb. I didn’t enjoy that at all. Waste of 3 minutes…

yu just got owned jesse! again haha

thanks yea the hills are steeper then they look, I find it hard to get a good shoot of the steepness with my camera.

About the music NO its wasn’t the best choice but it was really the only song in my playlist that was the right time span I’ll make sure for next time to add in my post weather it has swear words in it… and just to put it out there but I’m sure most young ones have heard swear words just as bad form there mums and dads.

You can’t love the sex pistols that much then…

I thought I qualified my reasoning … ? The Sex Pistols are icons in the music industry but that does not necessarily qualify their music for a family forum. If you listen to their music for the swearing then you missed the point of the Sex Pistols.

I don’t listen to it for the swearing I listen to music because it calms me down and keeps me entertained.

@bctheunicyclist. I know right

I can understand that, and also fully appreciate it. I listen to Death Metal mostly and always get asked “Doesn’t listening to Death Metal make you aggressive ?”, my answer is always… on the contrary, it puts a smile on my face and allows me to fully immerse myself in the music.

Without wanting to labour the point … but I suppose I am … I just don’t think that it’s appropriate for the forums.

music made this an insta-mute for me, but hey :smiley:
Are those 24’s or 20’s you’re riding in the beginning, if 20" i wouldn’t reccomend it, i broke my leg on a similar hill
fairly nice riding though :stuck_out_tongue:

We had 2 24" me and the little one still learning more tech. DH. 2 26" my mate I always ride with who fall twice at the start.

and a 20" he’s still saving for a 24" but doesn’t ride much muni…

@JohnnyReggae I can see where your coming from by saying not put it on the fourms and all. and next time I will make sure I have a song that doesn’t have swearing or a lot less swearing in it… I think the song fits the riding tho… Personal opinion tho, every one has a different say…

ah, sorry man. i didnt mean to start a hate thread on your vid. I just wanted to warn you because its happened to me before in the past for having “vulgar” language in my video hahaha.

If you are a sex pistols fan you should know that song was originally done by the anti-nowhere league.

fair enough…

I’d say the opposite, but that’s probably why I wouldn’t choose that music, even when I was your age.

My kids might catch an occasional “sh*t” from me, but it’s reserved for situations like when a wrench slips and I rake my hands across some rusty parts. Music on the other hand is entertaining, fun, and enjoyable… especially for kids. Not something I’d want to associate vulgarity with.

Kids can know swear words, but the context they’re used in is also important to know. Casually in a unicycle video doesn’t seem like the right context.

crazy hills by the way! :wink:

with new music