Muni Video link (rough cut)

RE: my big fat video :D…just kidding!

some of you may have seen the short 3meg trial vid of a week-end in Falls City awile back but now Joe (the camera dude and video god) has forwarded me a 3 minute rough cut…some of what you see here may get edited out of the final DVD because there is (hopefully) another video shoot coming this Sunday. i say hopefully cause the last time we met to shoot my Gazz blew off the rim (not on camera,dang!) and some things i could pull,i didnt on that day…anyway the one thing this video lacks is the bails,i crashed so many times that day. i think Joe is saving that footage for a blooper extra or somthing. on a couple of shots you can see my uni squirt out from underneath me all ninja like. i love that.

this link is to Joe’s own forum about the local video he is making and you will see a low rez 2.4 version and a 22 meg version…i have 56k and the bigger one is worth the wait. it also explains the music track and such.

Very nice. I like it a lot. Two thumbs way up for some awesome MUniing.

I also like the song. SKA rocks!


Excellent footage, I love it. I like the horn line in the soundtrack too.
Keep it comin’.

  • Frank

Great riding!

thanx guys.

ya the horn is cool,i like the broken glass sound right as i mess up the mount on that super steep section.

Re: Muni Video link (rough cut)

Yup - you have a couple of good outtakes that I dumped to my outtake folder. chuckle I definately have plans to throw in a mix on the DVD with bunch of different falls and various mishaps - all in good fun - of course!

Glad you enjoyed the clip.

joe, the camera guy


nice video.

When will it continue???

Jagur, good riding - nice flow. I recognised some parts of this video - guess I’ve seen an earlier version.

Klaas Bil

yeah you must have seen the tiny portion that i posted weeks was in the middle of this bigger one.

it continues this Sunday for another video shoot!