Muni video (helmet cam)

Here is a video recorder with helmet cam.
It was the first time so the settings aren´t the best and youtube low the quality very much :angry: But you get an idea:

In this post are some photos of the helmet cam ( I will take one with the helmet soon…

nice trail would love to ride there (:

in which country is the trail ?

It´s in “La Pedriza” near Madrid in Spain

This place is a paradise for climbers

Here are some photos of the place:

There are lots of rocks for trial

We have an anual meeting near here in may, if someone want to come, will be wellcome!!! :smiley:

nice video, it made me feel like i was the rider

first person rider :stuck_out_tongue:

I should buy the Helmet cam for my Archos 404.

I could show you guys my ride to school everyday :roll_eyes: