Muni Video From Vacation

Here is a video (23 Mb) that my son made of our riding while we were on vacation at a cottage near Plevna Ontario this summer.



Wish I was there!

I’m having some playback problems with the video. Starting at about the 2:22 mark it starts to stutter and pause then eventually freeze. I was able to fix it enough to make it playable by using my MPEG tools to demux then remux the video. In the process it complained that 425 packets cause buffer underflow and that it might cause errors during playback. The remuxed version is playable on my computer though.

I had similiar problems as John, after a little while it began freezing. From what I saw though, it looked like a good time.

I downloaded it and then played it. Ran fine. Nice video :slight_smile:
I am using linux and xmovie.
It would be very nice to do something like that with my son.

Ditto. I got a stutter or two.
Great riding!