MUni video (coker, too)

Here’s a clip we got from this weekend. this is very grainy, as to get it under 8mb’s. the original looks really clear.

MUni video

Points of interest:

  1. some clips show the speed difference between MUni and Coker on a fairly technical (angled wet roots, and such) downhill
  2. The person in the blue London Unicycling Club Jersey, Grey Helmet is Andrew(Waldo) this is his first time out on a MUni

Cast List:
Sofa - Coker, 26" MUni - Blue Jersey, Red Helmet
Drewnicycle - 24" MUni - Orange Roach Pants
Waldo - 26" MUni - Blue Jersey, Grey Helmet

One Minute Silence - On Deaf Ears

The neat thing about how the words in the song (some days it’s easy…some days it’s a fight…", “…turn the other cheek is right…”, etc…) is completely coincedntal. it lined up perfectly!

The song cuts off, as we were out of clips…I’ll fill the whole song soon.