Muni variety...

Hey everyone,
I have a 20" torker pro, for fartn around the streets,that I’ll probably never need to replace. At least that’s what I think now.
I plan to go further with Muni and my cheap 26" torker I foresee breaking apart soon after I become able to ride much distance.
My question is I only see a handful of makes on, but here many names on these forums that I don’t recognize. How can I research what I need/want if I don’t know what’s out there. Chances are I’ll go with a simple 26" nimbus but if there others I’d like to know.
Thanks for your help

There is comparatively minuscule customer base fur Unicycles which is reduced further looking at just MUni riders so the just isn’t the market to sustain lots of companies as it is there are 6 main-ish ones so we have a reasonable choice for a tiny sport

Kris Holm

but your price point will pretty much dictate what you buy, In your case going for a nimbus would be ideal as they are excellent Unis’ at a good price.

As for research just read this forum front to back it is a goldmine of information :slight_smile:

Some Munis are no longer made, or aren’t sold in the US and that’s probably why you see those unrecognized names.

I’m not sure Qu-ax is officially sold in the US; at least I’ve not yet seen any US-based retailer offering them. Likewise for Koxx – and I thought they only sold Trials/Flat Unis anyways. Others are no longer manufactured – Wilder, Hunter, Profile (their frame), etc.

You can still find good used Munis as well. There are unicycling groups in Austin and I think DFW area also, you can check with them for any used equipment.

But yeah, the variety of unicycle manufacturers is much more limited as compared with bikes.

Ya I only recognized 3 of the 6 names listed by Feisty and had to look up the others.
Good idea on the used Uni’s, I have no problem with that. Especially from a group who appreciates their equipment.

Dart mech- there is group that rides up in Allenevery Sunday evening. You could meet up with the and learn a lot. Search Facebook for Dallas unicycle

I have met a few guys in dallas so far.
I took a picture of the only place I know in town that has Uni’s on the floor. Richardson Bike mart, tho they mostly buy from UDC and charge assembly fees.
Still quite a sight.

securedownload (2).jpg

Your safest bet is to buy a Nimbus, UDC is a great company, very down to earth, so either buy from the local retailer or buy direct. I have three Nimbus and a couple Kris Holm, all are well made and do the job.

Since you already ride, you should go to that local shop and try out a 24" and a 26", see which one feels better, though odds are that since you have been riding a 20", the 24" is going to feel the best; then again you have a 26" now…

In that picture I see an Oregon, I would stay away from that one as it is kinda’ specialized and is not as broadly suited for all types of riding.

It’s all about the money, the more you spend, the more you get.

That Oregon was ridiculous. Hydraulic disc brake from what I could tell after my eyes focused from seeing the $900.00 price tag, haha… No thanks… I’m not a baller like that…

I just bought this:
Normally I buy from as their store/warehouse is about 30 minutes from my house, but I could not resist this deal. When I got the uni however, it has stickers on it, so I guess it comes from another one of their outlets???

In any case, this is a great price for a great basic Muni. I’ve been to the Dallas area to ride off road motorcycles. I don’t think you would have much need for a high dollar disc brake uni for your local terrain.

Wow! Richardson Bike Mart has the most extensive selection of unicycle I have ever seen in any bike shop! I have seen more unicycles in a bike shop (Juni Cykler, in Copenhagen, 1983) but those were all basically the same kind. That’s a very cool shop. Somebody there must really like unicycles, since things like the Oregon and an ultimate wheel are likely to sit there for a long, long time!

Well you saved $100 over picking up that orange 24" in person. Good Deal! Although the one in the picture does have the KH double hole cranks, but that’s only a $15 option on UDC from what I saw. Nice find!