MUni/UniTrials becoming well known

Hi all,

I just got back from a short (1 1/2 week) trip to a couple of trade shows for
Norco (Interbike in Las Vegas) and another big one in Toronto. Both shows are
very big (Interbike had around 6000 participants), and mountain unicycling is
really becoming well known! I had lots of buyers for retail stores coming up to
the Norco booth and saying to me that they’ve had an upsurge in unicycling
interest at their stores in the last year. We did trials demos at the Toronto
show and it looks like our sport is now getting to the point where mainstream
mountain bike companies might consider jumping in with some uni-specific
equipment like better-designed saddles, frames, axles and seatpost shocks.

It will be a lot of work yet to come but hopefully the momentum will continue!



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