Muni Uni Tetrad Short Compilation

Howdy There!
This a short four part film with MUni at Battle Creek Bike Trail riding with some of the Twin City Uni Guys. A very hilly trail and fun and lung bursting. The second part is just lonely ol’ me riding some MUni on trails near my house with a good fall. The third short bit is some wheel walking practice and a nearly gotten 180 spin. Should get that with some perseverance…
The fourth part is me out riding my New Kris Holm 36" Uni that my wife and daughter gave me for my up-coming 51st Birthday. Really, really fun and you get to cover some ground. Still need to get totally used to it but it will be a terrific ride for the days that I can’t ride some MUni for a workout.
Hey … all this Uni stuff is a dandy workout …

Looks like you had a fun little MUni group there! Your wheel walking is solid and you basically have the 180 down congrats! I want a KH 36er now after seeing yours! Thanks for the fun video Sean! :smiley:

Awesome on the 36" KH, you make it look easy!!!

When you gonna get the 180 on the 36??? :slight_smile:

Keep going fella!

Totally fun and inspirational to ride with the group. they are all soooo much better than me … makes me work harder. Wheel walking is coming ever so slowly. Never thought it would take so long to learn. Hopefully solid by this summer. 180 here I come. Just a bit mo’ practice.

I’ll tell ya’ … mounting the 36 ain’t like getting on a 20 or 24.!
A 180 on the 36??? I will try!

Which crank arms did you get with your 36’er and if doubles what hole are they set at?

Hey Harley,
I got the 150/125’s and have them in the 125 holes …

Nice vid Sean.

Knew you’d like the 36’er.

Just got a handle on mine, makes it much more fun than even before, and can really put some miles on. Also makes it easier to get up some of those steep hills when you’ve got the 125’s on. I’m enjoying the 36’er as much as muni lately. One thing, riding the 36’er is certainly helping my muni on the 24.

My wife and I just rode Battle Creek today, was cool seeing your vid. :slight_smile: Hopefully I’ll catch up with you guys soon some Tuesday, or on a weekend for a 36’er ride. :slight_smile:

Hey … good to hear from you.
Sweet handle! What kind is it?
I just ordered one from UDC … the T7.
Lets go ride sometime…

Thanks. I’m just starting to get used to mine on the 125 holes. It’s sure different than the 150’s. You seem to be under pretty good control at that setting.

I feel that the control is better at 125… Lemme know what you think.

From my end I would suggest that I have way less control with the 125’s. I’m not at all comfortable with them in any area where there are people milling around and down hill grades are a real challenge.

I have just recently cranked the front of my seat upwards in an attempt to get more of my weight on the back portion of the seat, so this might have something to do with my lack of control.

I plan to keep practicing with the 125 setting but its not as pleasurable a ride at this point in time.

PM’ed ya Sean.

Harley: I hated the switch from 150’s to 125’s, but after about 20 miles or so I couldn’t imagine going back losing that speed. :slight_smile:

I know what you mean about the speed but there are times that I would like to slow down and the 125’s don’t always want to cooperate with me on that plan :wink:

thanks for inspiration