Muni/Uni show proposal

We are involved with officiating motorcyle races and the promoter ‘Randy Kremlacek’ of has asked if a Unicyle show can be put on during the Fair races when we take a break between races. At the Stanislaus county Fair (Turlock, Ca.) July 20. Please review the info at the website and begin discussions to put something together that will be fun and bring to the 2,000 or so spectators the thrill of what Muni/Uni is all about. Thanks,

Would love to help out Devil Dog, but that’s a little far to travel for me… Hope you get some good responses.

I don’t think a unicycle race on a MX track would work very well; with a track that big and wide, unis would look slow and silly rather than thrilling. The surface probably wouldn’t be great for us, also.

More to the point, it wouldn’t be fun. You’d need to come up with incentive for people to participate (that is, cash).

I’m the guy who used to do a unicycle show every year at the Modesto Cycling Festival. Also I organized myself and two other unicyclists at an event called Motorcycle Mayhem in Fresno a few years back. It sounds like a potentially fun idea, but not sure what you had in mind. A unicycle performance in front of an audience of that size might be hard to see. A unicycle race is possible, but would obviously appear very slow compared to the racing bikes. The riders that would be likely to show up would probably ride around the track without incident, not with lots of falls as you might expect. And we can’t go sideways. :slight_smile:

For Tom, note that it’s dirt track racing, not motocross. A motocross track would actually be interesting to try to get around, but would be really slow.

Unfortunately the lead time is very short, and I’m not going to be available anyway; I’ll be in Italy. July 20 is the opening ceremonies of the XVI World Unicycling Championships there!

I would like to go. What are you planning. Im only about 70 miles from you. Perhaps I can get my grandson to go. He’s seven and rides frequently with me.

ok, thanks for the replies, this is a side show for a fast growing event. not a uni race. not a motocross race and its for the kids and the love of the sport. not for love of money. as stated, a show during the break, not ON the track, maybe in the infield or around it on the concrete. I think its a great idea, but I can not do all the work by myself, for those who look over the race web site, most questions will be cleared up. Otherwise email me if you like,, and maybe we can cover more by phone if needed. Thanks for the wishes John, and Semper Fi to the leatherneck.

By the way, if your new to AMA Professional motorcycle Flat track racing, there is a LOT going on at once everywhere you look. And it’s truly an amazing good time, even for non racing fans. No asumptions, it’s a real treat for the eyes and ears. If you don’t love the experiance, better check your pulse.