Muni Tyres: 2.7" maxxis vs. 3" duro or gaz?

I’m wondering whether to buy a maxxis high roller 24x2.7 for $60, a 24x3 duro wildlife for $55 or a 24x3 gazzaloddi for $80?

The main things I want to know are, is the maxxis high roller a good tyre for muni and will the .3 of an inch less matter? I know it’s a popular downhill biking tyre. And is the gaz much better than the duro? Is it worth the extra money? I have heard duro isn’t a very good tyre brand from a few people.

BTW I will be riding pretty technical stuff and doing drops etc. so a tyre with plenty of air would be good.


the duro and gaz are both good but different. The duro has a rounder profile making i more manouverable, the gazz is squarer, which makes it slightly wider and higher volume. Conventional wisdom seems to say that the gaz is good for very rocky, technical stuff wiht big drops, the duro is better for less extreme stuff as it is easier to control and weighs less.

Just wondering, where did you find that gazz?

There are practically extinct and I am looking for more:(

Personally, I really do not like the duro because when I rode it it kept skidding down rocks where the gazz didn’t, but for more XC stuff it would probably be great.

I’ve never ridden the maxxis so I have no input on that tire, but if you get it let me know how it is!


I’m buying some other stuff from germany anyway, and a tyre would cost no extra to ship. I will buy a maxxis from my bike shop if I decide not to buy either of these because the duro is out of stock on The tread pattern is a bit different on the maxxis but downhillers say it has excellent grip.

I used to be a gazz-fan like a year ago, and I swore by them. But the problem-at least for me-was that the 3.0 gazz tire would not hold its shape after biggish drops! I did use a 3.0 DH tube, but it could not support the tire fully and would “herniate” after drops, and that would make the tire all wobbly until you deflated it, and pumped it back up again, and even that would not always get the shape back.

Since going to the 24x3.0 Intense tire, I’ve never looked back! Way stronger sidewalls, holds shape perfectly. Kindof a cross between the Duro and the gazz, but way more stable. I think they may be hard to find now, if not discontinued. My second choice would be the duro. :smiley:

OK, I was considering getting a gaz but I’ll stick with the maxxis I think. What’s .3 of an inch anyway? And the maxxis is light and looks like it has super grip. It will probably fit better on my 32mm rim anyway. It also means I can ride straight away, I don’t have to wait for the shipment from Germany.

Please follow up and let us all know how that tire works out.

And, just in general, it seems to me that tire size measurement is far from an exact science. On my 29er, I’ve had a Kenda Nevegal (2.2), WTB ExiWolf (2.3), and WTB Stout (2.3), and in terms of how wide the tires actually are (measured with calipers), the Stout is slightly smaller than the Nevegal, which is slightly smaller than the ExiWolf. So the sizes given by companies don’t necessarily really reflect the actual size; heck, even two tires from the same company with the same purported size don’t match.

Will do. I won’t have anything to compare the maxxis to though.

I’ve never actually measured a trials tyre but I’d say they’re closer to 3" than 2.5". A maxxis creepy crawler is the same width as a duro wildlife. I wonder how they measure tyres? lol. I’m sure the maxxis will do me just fine for muni.

in my experience the reverse is true: “my” Gazz was lighter and more maneuvrable (I am not a very technical rider).

I wouldn’t consider myself terribly qualified as I have only had the pleasure of wearing out one 24" muni tyre,however I can vouch for the maxxi high roller 24" x 2.7" .The only issue would be its durability but having no experience with the other tyres mentioned here it didn’t seem to last as long as I would have imagined,probably about 200km and still has some tread but has lost its nice curved profile.