Muni trip in New-Zealand [Dec to Jan]

Hello fellow unicyclist !

I’m a 21 year old mountain unicyclist from Monotreal (the Montreal unicyclist community, from which you probably know Émile M. and Hugo D. :p).

I’l be in New-Zealand from December 1st to January 31thr for a 2 months Muni trip and will be attempting some 300m-2500m mountains and many 2-3 days trip all over the country (hopefully :roll_eyes: ).

I’m looking for partners and help from the locals !!

Here is my plan as we speak :

- December 3-7 : Auckland (getting informations and acclimating)
- December 7-14 : Rotorua (practice, practice, practice and farm volunteering…and more practice…)
- December 14-19 : Tongariro (I will be attempting the Tongariro Northern Circuit, the «Round the mountain track», 2 multi-days cross-country trip)
- December 20-25 : Mt-Taranaki (I will try to get as close as I can to the summit of MT-Taranaki ! hahaha. Plus I would like to do the Pouakai Circuit).

  • From December 25 to January 7 or 8 : Wellington and UNICON ! :slight_smile:

As for the South Island, I will be organizing my trip will in Unicon and will be traveling with friends from Montreal.

Soo, if there’s any unicyclists from those part of New-Zealand’s North Island, please let me know what you think of my trip and/or if you’d like to join me at any moment :wink:

I am very excited to be leaving and to meet all the unicyclist in Wellington !

Cheers !