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Hey, I’m a long time reader, first time poster on these forums.

Anyway, I have a freestyle uni right now, and I plan on getting another uni sometime in the future. The only dillema I have is that I want to Muni, and I want to do some trials as well. Is there a good unicycle that can do both, or would it be a smarter idea to get a Muni and a separate trials uni?

Long term it would be best to get both, a 24"/26" is too heavy and cumbersome for really good trials, a 20"/19" is too slow and has too small a wheel for serious Muni. If you have a particular favourite of the two styles then go with the Uni that will best cope with that, if you are undecided i’d say go with a fat 24", i’ve been doing trials on one for years and although i’m not that good it works ok aslong as you know that you won’t get the performance that you do from a 19". The 19" really is not that good at muni, especially fi you want to cover any distance.

Really not that good at muni, Its more then just not that good, unless you think going 5mph, and getting bucked off by knolls of grass is extreme. I’m more or less a street ridder, so I like my 19" and all, but if you truly want to do both, kington is right its best in the long run to buy one of both. I’d personaly recomend picking one now. And alot of it depends on how much money you have to spend, I recomend a trials uni first, unless your feel you’ve really been bitten by the muni bug, in that case just go all out screw the 24" and get yourself a 26" if latter down the road you decide you’d really like to do some trial, or some muni depending on which you get first, go ahead and by the other. But if you are truly divided as you say, then a fat 24" should be perfect. But I warn you if there is any slightly more prefrable style of ridding then go for it. You’ll be thankfull latter.

Hmmmm. I recall an evening riding with Gary (Unicus) and his young lad and his mate. Said young lads had 19 inch wheels, fat tyres and 140mm cranks. They went down hill like things that go down hill very quickly indeed on a particularly fast and down hill day, where Gary and I (on 26s) had to plod to keep control.

Small wheels are slow, and there’s the risk of pedal strike, but there’s fun to be had.

The thing about unicycling is that there are so few variables: wheel diameter, crank length, tyre section - that’s about it (except for quality of component, and points of detail) so the thing is to do one of three things:

  1. Optimise your uni for your preferred style of riding, or
  2. Enjoy getting hte best you can from a general purpose uni.
  3. Own several unis…

There’s much to be said for (2) until you know what style of riding really grabs you, then you can do (1). Or you can try (3) , but that way, madness lies… Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Burble.

(3x20s, 26, 28 and Coker - but I did sell the 24, and get rid of the novelty giraffe.)

I am not that good at muni, like beginner/intermediate but with a 26" I would think it would be very difficult to do the technical stuff, but, i don’t really know.

It would be especialy since most 26" unicycles will have a huge GAZZ tire on them, which makes the wheel diamater much larger then 26", but think of them more as a fast paced trail or downhill unicycle. I’m actually making myself a 26" pretty soon, i’m going to take it up to the skii slopes, ganna try unicycling down the slopes before I go get my skii’s it shoudl be fun ^^.


I had to do the same choice 2 month ago, and i chose a trial uni with a 20" wheel. I am definitely satisfied about my choice and i would recommend it.

As I live in town, with the trial uni i can do trial, street and freestyle only opening the door down of my building. As i did’t uni to make long distance but tricks, i wasn’t interested in a bigger wheel.
I although understand that a muni could be very very fun but it’s more something that i imagine in the nature. If i had bought one of these instead, my sessions would be less frequent because i imagine the good spots hard to find in town (am i wrong ?).


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I would recommend a 24" MUni if you want to do both trials and MUni if you can’t afford one of each. Then buy a 20" trials uni later if that’s what really grabs you.

You can buy the 24" MUni (because it is more versatile)
Then buy a 20" wheelset that fits your muni set up.

That way, you can afford both (and have less maintainence costs) with a lot less cash.

Cyber, tell me how it works out will you, I’m thinking of buying a 26" myself

It all depends on the size of the rider… If you’re 6’ or taller and athletic a 24x3 would be the best bet. I have a qu-ax 24" muni and have not problems with the size. Also ever notice how funny a really tall rider looks on a 19-20".


24 all the way. It is no fun doing muni on a 20. A 24 will cover you in both departments, while a 20 will just cover one. Infact, I prefer my 24 for trials and street! My highest seat out hop (32 inches) was with my muni. I also like the speed much better of the 24. The slightly higher mass gives me more stabilty too when grinding handrails or hopping onto skinnies, etc. The only reason i still have my 20 around is because my 24 is out of commision.

One more vote for 24.

Well, I’m leaning more toward a trials now. I would be able to do alot more trials were I’m located than Muni riding. And since I’m fairly tall ( 6’3" ) would it be better to get a larger wheel than a 20" for a trials?

Get a 24" muni, you can just as easily do trials on a muni, but the small wheel on a trials can prevent you from getting the nessesary speed, and torque to ride muni properly.

24" fo sho!