MUni / Trials

I’m interested in getting a new unicycle in addition to my semcycle xl 20".
My main use for this will be riding moderate distances around Chicago and trying new tricks outdoors. Illinois is mostly flat, with curbs posing most of the difficulty and hills almost non-existent.
I’d also like to try jumping around, like I see people doing now. I’m about 6’2" 180 lbs and don’t want something that will break, though I understand that replacable parts may wear.

I’m looking for feedback mostly about Semcycle, Kris Holm, and Onza unicycles.

Would anyone here suggest a 24" tire or a 20"? I understand the comparison for distance riding, but not for hopping obstacles.

I’d get the KH24. That was my first unicycle (I got it 6 months ago). I just got a KH20 (a week ago) because I have been getting more into trials riding, but you can still do a lot on the KH24. Whenever I have to ride a semi-long distance on the 20, it makes me realize why I have the 24 and like to ride it.

Listen to Corbin, he’s still floating on air since he got his KH20… ask him again in a few weeks.

Just to be sure, the 24" KH that you are suggesting is ?

That’s one expensive unicycle, so I want to make sure it’s worth it before trying anything. If I do get it, it will probably be in a few weeks so corbin can have time to fully test it.

This thread was really helpful:

I’m wondering how you ended up with the hub moving in your earlier thread (follow up there):

Yeah, that is the one.

And yeah, the axle in my hub has a slight amount of play, in both my KH20 and KH24. It has never really bothered me in my KH24, and since my 20 is brand new, I’m concerned that something may be wrong with it. But, other than that, the unicycle is super great. It takes abuse. I basically learned to ride on my 24. I wouldn’t be concerned about it. The new crank’s on the KH uniycles is a lot better. I have an old crank on my 24, and the new one on my 20 is a lot slimmer.