I was thinking about getting a new uni. I’d like to do both trials and Muni. Is a 24" uni capable of trials as well? :thinking:

A 24" is capable for trials as well, but it’s gonna be heavier and you wont be able to Tuck as much as a 20". A 20" trials uni is way better for trials. If you want both unis, I would say get the trials first, because you can do some Muni on it, and when you can affort a 24", just buy it.


I done Muni on my 20" for ages before I got/Made my 24"

I mostly agree with the others before me but note that Muni isn’t that much fun with a 20" than it is with a 24".

But for sure the 20" is better for Muni than the 24" is for trials.

oh yeah…forgot to mention that I’d like to do some communting but not much…to and back from school

change in opinion?

oh and thanks to those that replied :smiley:

it depends how far is your school. I go to school with my Trials uni, I ride at lunch time and I try to find some spots on my way back. It’s 2.5 kms far, it takes me like 10/15 minutes to get there. I dont really like taking the bus.

10 min walk

I think the trials uni will be fine

The Trials will be fine. Get the trials first and then when you can affort a Muni go for it!:slight_smile:


It sounds like you should ride Flow.

Yeah, I think I’ll ride flow while going at school now:) I’ll try on my 24" but I think it will be a bit too heavy for the “flow-ness” of my riding:p

sounds like fun

except the for the fact that I suck at street

but then again pratice makes perfect

haha +1 maybe I should Try it with my 24", But its sooo heavy