Muni & trials Uni Event in Lynnfield, MA

Hi All-

Just wanted to send out a quick announcement for the 4th Annual Demo Day event hosted by Diesel Bikes in Lynnfield, MA. Mountainuni has participated as a vendor sponsor for this event every year, and we’re hoping to get our biggest turnout ever this year for the Unicycles. The event will be June 27th all day, Sunday in Lynnfield, MA. See url below.

In past events, I have loosely organized a high jump, gap jump and Vertical competitions for the trials riders, and plan to have T-shirts, Bumper stickers and other prizes for participants! I’m a “40 something” guy who throws around KH trials uni and tries to keep up with the 20 somethings, but I would love to see a nice turnout with some younger guys & girls for the event. As you’ll see in the pictures below, Both DieselBikes and I set up numerous stunts, balance beams, pallets, teeter totters, and natural stunts to play on for the day.

I will also be organizing at least 1 technical Off Road Uni Ride, and we’ll likely have 24",26",29", and 36" wheels for demonstration and to showcase the New Mountainuni Brake System.:slight_smile: I’ve made some parallel bars built at waist height for those wanting to give Unicycling a try. I’m just trying to do my part for sport exposure to the MTB community, and the more riders we have the better.

Diesel Bikes is a local company in Lynnfield who spends countless hours of trail maintenance, improvements and new trail building in Lynn Woods, known as one of the most technical and challenging areas for off road activities.

At full scope, the event invites Bike (and unicycle) companies to bring a demo fleet to the events field for the day, and anyone who wishes to try out the latest 2010 Models can test bikes in the woods with guided groups around the park. These guides are not your average bikers, but very aggressive MTB’ers from all over, and are more than willing to show anyone around the area without having to worry abouty getting lost. Live Music, Food, Drink and a World Champion trials rider Mike Steadley is showcased during the day. It is a good size event and you’ll be impressed.

If you need additional info about the unicycle portion of this event, that can’t be addressed in the thread, send me a PM and I can respond that way. Last years count was around 16 unicyclist for the day. Hope to see some of you there! And for those of you who’ve attended in the past, help me with some endorsements on the thread!

Directions URL:

Can’t wait! :slight_smile:

having attended before, I can say that this event is a lot of fun. The trail ride was great! I always like riding with people at a higher skill level than me (which describes most unicyclists!)

it’s a very inclusive event. You are free to demo Diesel bikes, try a unicycle, see some very capable riders and join them! There is a place for learners, and you can ride with experts! It’s fun just to watch the little competitions, to try your hand at obstacles, and ride in the spirit of fun and good times. The people are great, even the ones that you can follow on line and youtube like Sam Haber and Brian Oley, or the next generation like Jeremy riding his coker, or doing trials… Steve Potter, whom you would swear is a teenager because he rides -really rides, weather it’s skinny logs or boards, or off road up crazy hills or down huge steps. it’s an awesome event and the people and riders are the reason why!

Im going:D

Can’t wait! Was a great event last year and looking forward to this year. I’m going so Kevin doesn’t feel like to old guy. This year, perhaps we can pull together the first over 50 ride. Hey, I usually ride solo anyway… Was riding there today for a few hours – still the most amazing spot around…

Over 50 event sounds great. I’m planning on being there also. I can bring the 36er.

Looks like I won’t be able to make it, which sucks, as I will be in New York that weekend.

Bringing the 36er

Sounds great Duane, we’ll have a few of them there!

Event Sunday June 27th update

Just a quick bump for those of you replying and others who’ve looked. This is a really fun event, and I’ve been getting responses from PM and e-mail, so we should have a great turnout! Plans are for a group 36er ride as well as a MUni ride in Lynn Woods. Great terrain for all levels, including the most aggresive off roads trials you can handle. We’ll have 24-29 and 36 wheels built up with Mountainuni discs if you’re interested in a test ride!

Hope you can make it and the event will start at 9AM Sunday June 27th! Food, Fun, Music, and Unicycling, what more do you need?

See you there,

This looks like fun. I’ll be going.:slight_smile:

So, I had to miss the fun :frowning: . Any report on how the day went?

It was a good time! Here is a post with more pics…

There was a good group ride, there were teeter totters, skinnies, pallets, spools, tons of demo unis, lots of vendors and music, burgers, and lots of fun.