MUni/Trials riders in Switzerland?


Are there any unicyclists in Geneva or in a nearby town? If so, give me an email at or respond to this message. I might in the area next month and would like to try and hook up with other unicyclists.


I’m heading out to Morzine for some downhill mountain biking. I’m thinking of taking the MUni if it’ll squeeze in the car. I’ll be there 28/8 to 4/9.

Hi Dan,

there is a good unicyclist in Switzerland Adrian Iten.
I don`t know where he live there. I´ll send him a mail. May he know other unicyclists in Switzerland. Maybe near Geneva.


hey Dan

Im from Safenwil in Switzerland. That’s beetween Bern and Zurich (about 3h by car from geneva). There’s an other guy in my village who does trials and muni and there is one in Bern too.
maybe you know Julien Monney an excellent freestyler. he got Open X champion this year in tokio. he’s from Geneva and there are some other unicyclist there but I don’t know if they do the trials.
I’d really like to meet you. I’ll contact the two other guys, I think they would join the meeting too, and I will also contact the people from geneva.
my e-mail is
when and how long do you stay in Switzerland?
hope to meet you then.



He aint Muni/trail but in France I met a guy from Swiss: Tomas, no idea where exacltly he comes from.

Municyclist in Bern

Hi Dan

As Adrian Iten wrote, there are some MUNIcyclists in Switzerland, we don’t know exactly how many, and I’ one of them. I live in Bern and we have a quite good mountainbike-downhill track, almost in the middel of the town. I ride it as often as I can with my MUNI and amaze the visitors there (and there are plenty of visitors).
Some time ago i was riding mountainbike-downhill, so I know good spots in the swiss alps for Municycling. Near Geneva, in “les crosets” (1 hour by car) is one of the best areas for mountainbikers in Switzerland. There you have some lifts to get up to 3000meters over sea level and about 30 tracks for Bikers.

So, if you are intrested to go there, or to come to bern, I would like to show you around. Mail to:

Simon Grossenbacher

Pekbull is from Geneva, he is part of Julien Monney’s team : “les Casses Rayons”, he is a Muni/tral rider, you can have a look on his album
Some others from his team are Muni/trial riders. They just came back from Japan (Julien Monney is stilll there). I will tell him about this on the French forum because I’m not sure he still goes on that one.


I revive this old thread to see if there’s someone unicycling in Graubunden (Canton Ticino): I live in Italy but just on the border with Switzerland, and I’m looking for fellows to ride some paths near Bernina Pass.

Maybe try also the Deutsches Einrad forum and ask there, as well.

Someone in the German part of Switzerland, may know someone in the part of Schweiz near were you live.