Muni & Trials Muni?

What uni would be good for both muni and street trials?
Tires dont matter of course since I could always switch them.


For a while i was using a KH04 24" for both trials and muni, i found that it worked really well, So i would recomend a splined 24inch Muni,

Thats my 10c worth


Decide what you will be wanting to do more. You will eventually buy both! :slight_smile: … and a big one!

I ride a KH20 for trials and a Bedford/Profile 24" for MUni. If your muni-ing looks like natural trials then the 20" is nicer. However, if it is closer to crosscountry the 24" beats hands down.

On the other hand, both my brother and a friend ride 24" for trials. If you are comfortable on a 20" for trials it is really hard to do good trials on a 24", However, if you haven’t done much trials yet you can get comfortable on a 24" and not be disadvantaged.

Anyway, I would recommend a KH24. It is as light as some trials unicycles so that helps at least. I would recommend going with shorter cranks though. On my 24" I’m riding 145’s and that is nicer then 170’s for trials. But that is personal preference.

I have a QU-AX 24" that I use for Muni, trials and street. I am very happy with it. I would definately suggest getting a 24" though, because it is still ok for trials, faster for street, and it is the best for Muni. I would say get the QU-AX.

Yeah thats looking like the best option so far for price/quality ratio. Sounds like its more durable than the DX and its way less expensive than the KH.

thanks :slight_smile:

I’m going to sell my old unicycle (junk) and save up and buy a 24" Bedford one. Only I dont know what type i should go with. peace

I disagree. You’re only dealing with a 2" height difference between the two unis… anyone who is halfway decent at trials riding should be able to switch between 20" and 24" with no problem. Heck, Corbin even does some trials on his Coker!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. It’s not about equipment, it’s all about technique. Good technique will transfer from one uni to another… with a minimal amount of practice.

I think my Onza doing well for both Muni and Trials street, but now iam going to buy a KH07 and its should be as good at the onza i think…
Buy iant the best of this… :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you saying you can do all your normal trials lines on a MUni, and that it is “no problem”?

A 2" hight difference isn’t what makes it different. A trials tire is apox. 20.5" across. A 24" Gaz. tire is approx 26". That is a large amount of tire to get moving.

Sure, you can still do trials on a 24", or a Coker if you normally use a 20". However, as I said in my original post, it is really difficult for me to become equally comfortable and skilled on both because I first rode a 20" for trials then tried to switch to a 24".

I don’t doubt you can still ride better trials then I do even if you were on a Coker, but that is irrelevant. The discussion is about personal maximum potential. Still, I’d agree, don’t blaim the equipment if you can’t ride it.