[Muni, Trials, Flat, Freestyle, Street]Clip of the Trip

Kinda like clip of the week but I’m gonna be posting clips from places I’ve been already been this summer and will go. (My family is on a six week sabbatical)
These are the places I’ve been so far:
St louis, Mo (no clips)
Bull shoals, Ar (clips)
Branson, Mo (clip)
Colby, Ks (no clips)
Rocky mt. National Park, Co (clips)
Hot springs state park, Thermopolis, Wy (clips)

I’m leaving for Yellowstone National Park
tommorrow and will start editing (in groups from each place) in the car. I hope to get some clips from there also. I don’t know where I’ll get internet around there but will upload as soon as possible.

I created a vimeo channel for it

Fun, fun fun.

first one,

2 one is up, 3rd and 4th coming really soon.

all are up but 4 is being converted.

Please comment:( :o

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That was really good.

Congrats on the 79cm sidehop and the monkey kick :slight_smile:


Looks likes fun spots!

Good Rinding.

I love the look of monkey kicks, try doing them while sidewayswwing.
Also seeing as you will be in ND for Naucc, you might want to check out the badlands for muni.
I loved all the clips.

I was trying really hard to do crankflip to sideways ww then monkey kick out but couldn’t get it.

79 cm. Awesome Job!!

I didn’t know you did trials to

yep, I’ve always done trials wishing I could do street.

(thanks for the comments guys, the next one is from yellowstone but I haven’t edited yet. I’m in washington right now getting on a ferry)

Washington? Washington?!!?!


Probably by you.

No one goes to washington to visit the east side of it.

But they should! =p

sry guys I went through spokane and sammamish but didn’t say anything cause it wouldn’t work out to ride. atleast I’l see you guys at naucc on the way back east. I’m in Canada right now (British Columbia).

Ah, we could have made it work :wink:

Whatever. Yeah see you at NAUCC. Maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t ride, as my back is killing me as it is. I’m trying not to ride until monday.