muni-trial-fun italian video

Hi all,
I’m glad to announce that our first unicycling movie (the first italian trial movie, I think) is online!

You can download it from HERE .

It’s approx 70 Mb, compressed with xvid (the codec is into the rar file).

Enjoy it!

I wait your comments and critics!


can’t play it.

neither can I dude

Worked fine for me, good job on editing it all together. The file size was a bit big though, maybe compress it down a bit and loose a bit of quality?

Looks like alot of fun


What type of file is it?

WMV, AVI, MOV, MIDI? :thinking:

I really don’t know why you can’t play the movie!
It’s a normal avi file, it was DV-AVI and it has been compressed with Xvid codec. Into the file there’s the latest version of xvid codec. Try to use the xvid installer then play the movie!

Argh! I was forgetting! There’s a special guest, he’s “onefiftyfour” (eric), on a hard slope !


Pretty funky video! The nail-through-the-shoe looked hairy; was it just the shoe, or the foot as well?

One tip for next time though: don’t forget to compress the audio! :slight_smile: 47MB of the 81MB file is just the music…


Did you guys extract the rar file. There are 3 files together in the download including the codec if you need it.

I used WinRar to extract it you can pick it up HERE

Weird. I didn’t like it. Was that some sort of artistic expression?

Ahhh, it’s compressed with WinRAR. A WinZip poser. You need to download winRar to extract it.

FilZip and TUGZip will also extract the RAR file. They’re both free.

Oh, and WinZip is the poser. PKZip is the original ZIP. :slight_smile:

Phil said

The nail was through the foot as well… But it passed between my fingers… Only scaring!

Thank you Phil! I think that your hint is THE hint I need! I didn’t know!:smiley: really thanks a lot

Unimachine said

What you didn’t like? Was too fast? Too confused? My idea about the video was to make a funny video, about our riding, intended to be watched by unicyclist and non-uniciclyst people. It’s not an educational video, you know we don’t have the skill to make one of that kind!
We’ve spent a lot of time to edit the footage, to give personality to it! (I don’t think there are many videos of that kind, the most of the videos I’ve seen are very technical, but not much edited).
I’ve choose to put a lot of effort to edit it (knowing that in this way all the movie is less comprehensible), to make something fun and enjoyable to watch.
Let me know your opinion!:smiley:


I did’nt like it much either. You did’nt show any of the landings. So we have to assume you biffed on all of them.

I didn’t like not being able to clearly see what they were doing. The jumpiness of it was annoying, kind of like a very low frame rate movie.

I loved it! Kyle , the non-unicycling girlfriend, liked it too. The editing is fantastic.

It’s great to see you guys.

ciao to everyone, eric

i liked it a lot. the editing made it very watchable. it looked like you guys were having a lot of fun making the video, which was great. keep up the good work.

Re: muni-trial-fun italian video

I hate to nag, but 75Mb compressed!!! If you are gonna compress something at least do it right…

I thought the movie was great, and the editing was fun and very unique.

That see-saw looked like heaps of fun. I was happy to finally see a clip of that stack on the cement cylinders. I’d seen the individual frames a few months ago…very entertaining. :slight_smile: Good to see some muni in there too.

Very nice!


You’re right! As I said to Phil, I didn’t know how to compress the audio part! I know the compression can be better! Sorry! I’m quite noob in the world of video editing, it was my first try…:stuck_out_tongue:

Re-watching the video I’ve seen that many of the clips finish in the exact moment of the landing (you’re right!), but this is beacuse I had much video material and beacuse of I was trying to link the video to the audio!! I can assure that all the clips end with a correct landing ( only the “fountain riding” wasn’t landed…)

That was my target! :smiley: Thank you