MUni trails in Santa Clarita, CA?

Hey, So Cody and Evan are hanging out with me at my house and we want to do some muni and I don’t know any trails at all in Santa Clarita so have any of you guys ridden or know of any good trails in or near Santa Clarita? I have looked at Rod’s and there are some good trails in the San Fernando Valley that we might do if we don’t find anything closer.
Any ideas?


Hey Spencer,

That’s just almost EXACTLY the same question I had asked you several months back! There should be a TON of decent trails good for muni in your area. You should call local bike shops near you that sell mountain bikes; they should be able to tell you where all the good trails are. LET ME KNOW! I would like to come out that way for some good muni trails.

Ok, I will make cody call some:) If we find some good ones I will let you know.

And if I ever come up there, I’ll bring my camcorder and shoot some good footage and then edit a cool video of it to post!