Muni trail equipment

After several years of rock climbing, I’ve found that chalk dust (used to keep hands sweat-free) and sports tape are all the first-aid you need. If anything starts bleeding, stuff some chalk in there and tape it up. Voila! Sprain or break? Tape it until you can’t move it!

Of course, wearing armor precludes the need for first aid kits.

Wow I never knew these tools actually existed! Have you got a pic of one?

I found one of these by accident on the opposite side of a schrader valve cap (Thanks, Corbin!). It was a LIFE SAVER! If anyone can tell me where to find these, I’ll buy one for everyone on the forum!

I carry: Water and shinpads. Don’t you like the adventure? My Muni hasn’t broken down for ever, I just (naively) trust my equpment.

You can get that schrader valve tool at pretty much any auto parts store, as car tires use schraders valves (for the most part). Don’t worry about buying me one, I already have about 3.

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> Of course, wearing armor precludes the need for first aid kits.

Before I start arguing, let me heartily agree that sports tape is a
fantastically useful component of a first aid kit. In fact, my first
aid kit often comprises just a roll of sports tape and my supply of
drinking water (cleaning wounds with water is an effective alternative
to antiseptics).

I’ve never heard of applying gymnastic chalk to wounds. I’d want more
information before I considered doing so.

But, of course, you know armor won’t prevent injuries. Thinking about
the sort of things that can go wrong even while wearing armor makes me
wonder about adding a SAM Splint to that first aid kit.


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> What is LOL, POW, etc.

Laugh Out Loud. Prisoner Of War. These and more at

Here’s a picture of one. This one is part of a valve cap. It will work well enough for an emergency repair to fix a leaky valve.

You can find them at most any auto parts store that sells valve caps or auto tire repair stuff.

Schrader valve cores are removable. The valve core is threaded in to the valve. If the valve is leaking you tighten the core and that generally fixes the leak.

schrader valve core tool.jpg

So that’s what that thing is :D. I’ve had a couple of those things around in the past, and never had any idea either where it came from or what it was for. Still don’t know where they came from, but glad the other part’s cleared up.

I had one that came with my bottle of Specialized tire slime. In order to insert the slime into the tire, you have to take the inside of the valve apart so they give you the tool to do it with. I’d just like to say that the tire slime was also a very good thing for me to have. I used to get tons of flats from Keawe thorns, but since I’ve used the tire slime, I’ve pulled out a few thorns, but never had to replace (or patch) a tube.

Another item I keep telling myself I should get to carry with me is a mylar emergency blanket. Do any of you ride with one? I just have this fear that I’m going to fall off the side of a cliff and break my leg, then die of hypothermia.

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Here’s a picture of one. "

oh yes, thats one of the brass ones too, i never find those…always the steel ones half crushed in the bike lane.

Ipod or Rio?

I want riding music too. What’s the hardiest music player available? I want a MUni-quality music player. Any suggestions?

The iPod Shuffle is probably the best bet; certainly you want it to be flash-based, and probably the simpler the better.

Re: Ipod or Rio?

I’ve been running / riding / etc. with my Sony SPORTS Walkman for a good 10 years now. Works as good as the day I bought it, even though it’s been dropped dozens of times. My favorite cassettes are getting worn out though…

It’s funny, people are paying $200+ for a portable music device that can’t even handle a few drops of water, and my $20 piece of plastic runs like a champ in the shower :slight_smile: