Muni Tour: 3 days-3 countries!

last monday to wedensday we made a nice muni tour:

David Weichenberger, austria
Adrian Iten, swiss
Marc Vogt, liechtenstein
and me, liechtenstein

monday 7. July

Start 15:30 at Saraiser Joch 2050 above sea level (Liechtenstein) – Nenzinger Himmel 1370 asl (austria) – Pfälzerhütte (cabin) 2108 asl (Liechtenstein/Austria)
uphill: 750m / downhill: 700m
like the whole tour onle singletrails, that means also uphill is carrieng the muni…
it was fogy and rainy, and iten had a flat, but overall a nice start :wink:

thuesday 8. July

Pfälzerhütte 2108 – Naaftal / Gapfahl Undersäss 1701 – Rappastein Sattel 2071 – Lawena Punkt 1768 – Mazorhöhi 2045 – Balzers 450 – Palfries 1700 (switzerland)(shuttle) - Strahlrüfi (cabin) 1646
uphill: 700 / downhill: 2350
no rain anymore! very good food in the cabin! unfortunately iten hitted his knee very bad on a rock, so he had to give up the other day

wedensday 9. July

Strahlrüfi 1646 – Alvier 2345 - Buchs 450
uphill: 700 / downhill: 1900
very good weather, no crashes again.

the whole tour was very technical, even david to get of his muni sometimes, his was also the only one who rode without a break :astonished:
uphill: 2150
downhill: 5000
part one
part two

WOW! Those pictures look incredible. Where did you sleep each night?

we slept in alp-cabins, the second one had even a warm-water shower :smiley: and we were the only guest

first night

second night

Sounds like an amazing ride!

This is one of the coolest min-tours i have EVER seen. I want to go!!!

The pic where you sit on the grassy hill makes me want to start muniing :roll_eyes:

They are amazing pictures. It looked like a great muni-tour, awesome scenery and trails there. It makes me wish I had places like that near me… I know there aren’t :frowning:

finally david (weichenberger) who rode with us sent me his pictures, here they are:

Agreed, stunning pictures. Wow the trails look tough.

How does the downhill segments compare with the uphills?

the downhills were almost (90%) rechnical singletrails, usually on the top the first couple vertical meters were really hard to ride (even for david), a little bit lower it was real nice but also tricky to ride all the way down…