muni torker cx?

i want to get a muni but i dont havve time to save up the money, and i was wondering if i just got a bike tire that is huge and like the same size as my wheel do you think that would do it or no, please help tell me how i could get a muni like really soon. i have a 24 inch wheel and a torker cx
thanks to anyone who replys

It’s just not a good idea to use a CX as a MUni. They just can’t hold up to any sort of abuse. Do yourself a favor and just save the money for a proper MUni (or at least a Torker DX).

I would suggest maybe a 2.3 tire at the most, with a decent agressive tread. Don’t expect the uni to last very long if you start using it for more than just riding on the street.

Torker CX is pretty much the worst uni ever. well, they’re brilliant for beginner uni’s but not much else. you could probably buy a really cheap MUni, maybe the Torker DX at least like daino said, even though that’s not technically a MUni. it can fit a bigger wheel anyway, and has a splined hub/crankset. and a decent seat, which is one of the biggest things that a Torker CX lacks. so yes, go to unicycledotcom and look for cheap MUnis, and if they’re all too expensive for you, then at least save up for a Torker DX. then maybe upgrade everything as you get better.

oh, got one,

both relatively cheap, but very good beginner MUni’s.