Muni tires that fit under a nimbus rounded crown 29er frame

I’ve been riding Muni on street tires too long.

I’m looking for a 29” Muni tire that will fit under my Nimbus rounded crown frame. There’s not much room. This is my 29er.


My 24” has lots of clearance but the only 24” Muni tire I saw on UDC looked kinda cheap. Any better 24” Muni tire recommendations.

Feel free to make fun of my 24.
I don’t care. I love it.

Hey Kevin–

I don’t have any experience with your 29er frame, but the tire it comes with is pretty wide @ 2.35; it looks to me like you could fit a decently wide tire in there. The Nevegal that used to come on the KH is a 2.2, so that might work, or the ExiWolf–my favorite 29er muni tire. It comes standard on the Torker AX, which doesn’t look to me like all that wide of a frame. That being said, tire widths are notoriously nonstandard, so a 2.2 in one style might be wider than a 2.4 in another.

For your 24, I’d suggest a Duro 3.0 (or 2.6), or check out Uniproshop’s Intense 3.0, which has several advocates here. Putting a fat tire on that uni will really change the feel of rocky, rooty trails. I would never laugh at someone’s uni choice, but having had one of those same Schwinn 24 unis many years ago, I can safely say you’ll marvel at the difference a lightweight setup makes when you get a chance to ride, say, a KH instead. I couldn’t believe it when I first upgraded.

If you have a decent LBS that you already deal with, try taking your unis in and see if they’ll help you find a good tire. If you have a bike friendly area with lots of shops, call around first to see if any specialize in 29ers. There are probably 10 bike shops in Chico (and we only have maybe 100,000 people), but only one that carries any real choice in 29er tires. 24 tires are pretty much unavailable in any width beyond 2.2 for BMX cruisers, although you may find a Hookworm which works pretty well for both on and off road, I’m told.

Good luck!

Well, a UK guy has a 2.1 on his N 29, this might fit, & I don’t think this will (but would on say, a KH).

Every review I’ve read of the 2.3" Stout was possitive.

I I’ve read 2 reviews of the 2.4" Ralph. Both liked the coushion of the extra volume, but one of them didn’t think it was worth the extra weitght (too hard make tight turns, speed up/slow down).

I don’t think a 3" tire will fit your 24". Most 2.6" tires should fit, maybee even the 2.7" Maxis Minion (I question the 2.6" Gazz).

On my 24 DX I have the stock 2.6" Kenda Kinetics. It has fairly stiff sidewalls and a flat profile - both a + for me. I have a 3" Arrow Wide Bite, but I don’t like it’s rounded profile. My next tire is going to be a 2.6 Gazz.

…but every knobby tire I’ve seen has been larger than it’s equally sized slick, when you count the tread.

I took off my Stout because of the weight issue. It’s now on the front of my 69er commuter bike. It weighs 1150g (according to specs). The Ralph is half that, although I’ve not tried it yet. The ExiWolf splits the diff at around 800g. I liked the tracking, the volume, and the strong sidewalls, but it sort of took the joy out of riding the 29er–it was a bit like pulling an anchor behind me.

Thanks for the tips guys.

I’ll call around to find options at a LBS. Seeing the tire first hand means a lot more to me than the online photos.

I really appreciate the time you took to help me out.

Hey Kevin,

I’ve got WTB Exiwolf 2.35 on my mountain bike and some 29er Panaracers in the shed, so you could take a look at those and check fit. Don’t you have a Shwalbe now? The UDC catalog lists the tire on your uni as a 2.35, but it doesn’t look that wide, I’m thinking more like 2.2

If you’re looking at tires down at the LBS, think non-folding and stiff sidewall, this will keep flex to a minimum so the ride downs’t feel too sloppy.

As an alternative, you could buy a 24 or 26 Muni. The wheel strength on both of your unis is not great; both have single wall rims, so you’re at risk of bending a wheel. Also, the $50 you’ll spend on a tire for you uni would pay for 1/5 of a Nimbus Muni :slight_smile:

I’ll make you a good deal on a Nimbus 24" (Alex’s), he wants to upgrade and it’s easier to buy new. Let me know…

The Schwinn does has a Double wall rim. (Everyone under estimates this Uni) However, it is a heavy ride and it’s not ISIS.

It might be better to get a real muni. Now, if I could just find a big pile of money somewhere…

Having had both the BA 2.35 and Exiwolf 2.3 on my KH29, I’d say there doesn’t seem to be much difference as far as overall dimensions. The BA 2.35 is quite voluminous making it about the same height as the Exi with knobs. Definitely check out the fit with Ben, and be prepared for waaay more traction on those extreme Haw Ridge downhills.