Muni tires: 29" Hans Dampf, 26" Ardent 3C DH, 26" Intense DH

No pics, my internet is just too slow, so send me a PM with your email if you want pics…

29" Schwalbe Hans Dampf 2.35", folding bead, Pacestar endurance compound, 70% tread remaining, no cuts or tears, in really good shape, best offer plus shipping.

26" Maxxis Ardent DH 2.4", wire bead, 3C compound sticky rubber. This is the “burly” version of the Ardent, no longer in production. It’s new, maybe two rides, best offer plus shipping.

26" Intense DH 2.5", folding bead, slow react sticky compound. Fresh, nearly new, no longer in production, best offer plus shipping.

The Schwalbe and Intense are foldinig, so I can probably ship them in a medium USPS box for around $10, the Maxxis is a wire bead, so I can only wrap it so small, figure $15 for shipping.

I’d love to do a single buyer purchase, so make me an offer and let’s get these tires rolling!

Tire Specs:

Hans Damph 850gm, 2.4" wide
Ardent DH 1250gm, 2.6" wide
Intense DH 1450gm, 2.75" wide

I want these gone, make me an offer, I am quite reasonable, esp if you are of limited means, i.e. a youth who’s parents don’t support your uni hobby :wink:

If you’re just a cheap arse adult, don’t expect and inch! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hans is sold, still looking for a good home for the big boys :slight_smile:

If you’re looking for a tire that is just as burly and sticky as a Duro, but a little narrower, these two tires are a nice choice:

The Ardent is ~200-250gm lighter than the Duro, maybe a tad more flexy in the casing, faster rolling tread, asymetrical knobbies like the Duro, probably a little stickier.

The Intense is about the same weight as the Duro, has a better tread pattern (symetrical knobbies carve better than asymentrica), stickier rubber. The Intense DH is the tire that Terry (muniaddict) rides on his 24".

I am curious about the ETRTO of the two 26"tires… :roll_eyes:

I promised myself to go only for folding tires, but my tire addiction is teasing me again… Why couldn’t I be still at my parents’ ? :wink: :wink:

Do you think the Ardent wouldn’t like the folded-8 trick for packing it a bit tighter ?

I can pack it as tight as I can pack it, but I don’t really like to put kinks in wire beads when it can be avoid.

This is the beefiest Ardent you can get, and since they no longer make them…

The Intense is a pretty nice tire, folding bead, I’d ride it my self but I no longer have a 26 muni.

Intense and Ardent DH still available.

I have a 26" Maxxis Ardent EXO, it is new, currently mounted on my son’s muni. If someone was interested in buying it, I could swap it with the Ardent DH.

Send a pm about regular Ardent…

The Ardent 26x2.40 EXO foldable is listed at 825g. Is it this version ?

It’s the standard Ardent 26 x 2.4 folding, comes on the KH and NImbus munis, the only other option is a wire bead cheap version and the now discontinued DH version (the other one I have for sale).

Wait, did I not already say it was the EXO?

Valmont, you have committment issues. You either need to buy a tire or get off the pot!

I have been weak… :smiley: PM sent !

Tire sales pending :slight_smile: