Muni tire weight

I tend to think there were postings about that … but could not find
I have a Muni which should be light … except that the 24x3 tire weights a ton! (that’s why I nicknamed it “the boar”: it can go marveloulsy through thickets).
My usual tire is a Duro leopard … and for sure it really weights!
So I bought a Gazzaloddi from a friend and I have not yet mounted it.
now I am hesitating: I prefer the round profile of the Duro, but is the Gazz really going to be lighter?
I am lazy and would like to know before changing tires twice :wink:
for sure I would like a lighter Muni!

Nokian Gazzaloddi
* 24 x 2.6 Inch (1220g.)
* 24 x 3.0 Inch (1475g.)
* 26 x 3.0 Inch (1640g.)

Duro Wildlife 26"

That’s all I found, but you could extrapolate from that.

The Duro tire 24x3 inch tire is the same as the Contra 24x3 inch tire and its weight according to UDC Uk website is 1.495kg (about 3.3 pounds) so is about the same weight as the Nokian gazzaloddi tire


Maybe this is just me, but I personally like having more rotational weight on my muni. It makes it roll over stuff much better, and in general is nicer imo.


(I am using a gazz)

3.0" tires are heavy. 3.0" tires with strong sidewalls are even heavier.

You can try the Kenda Stick-E 2.6"; it’s definitely lighter than the Duro, and performs pretty well. It doesn’t have nearly as much tread as the Duro, so it’s not as good as the Duro (or the Gazz) in loose conditions, but it’s pretty good elsewhere.

I posted this in another thread:
change from the Duro to the Gazz was dramatic: feeling much lighter! mud is now my favourite spot :stuck_out_tongue: bouncier … etc.
I just needed to get accustomed to the square profile.
I will probably squirrel away another Gazz just in case :smiley: