Muni tire pressure

I think that with a 24x3" tire the best pressure is one that you don’t bottom out at, and one that feels good to you. On a road tire the best pressure is high enough for the tire not to squish much when you sit or hop on it.

I disagree with this step. A tire with low pressure can lose traction- this is the phenomenon that vivalargo seems to be describing. With extremely low pressure when you go to turn, instead of turning the tire just slops around and rolls sideways instead of giving traction. I have experienced this recently on most of Tony Melton’s unicycles which always have too low pressure for my likings. Extra low pressure can be good for bouncing but sucks for turning and can bottom out. I used to run my 24x3" tire at about 17psi perhaps, and nowadays I use about 40psi in my 29x2.1’ tire.

Rule #2 (the side hop test) and rule #3 (the log jump test) will keep the pressure from getting so low that the tire gets wiggly and foldy. All the rules work in combination to set the tire pressure. In the end it is a compromise with some of the rules in conflict with some of the other rules.

That’s pretty much how I see it. A low pressure is great for straight ahead rolling over rocks and for side and front hopping down rock slabs; but if too low, you have to really muscle the rig around tight turns and can’t weave and juke like a GS ski racer, which is required a lot in Santa Barbara switchback single tracks. A low pressure also absorbs a lot of thrust when you’re trying to punch it up rises and burms on the trail. That’s why I try and get away with the highest pressure I can and still be able to roll and stick when dropping onto oblique slabs.

If nothing else, this discussion has got me thinking about this issue a lot more, and I trust my riding will improve from futuring experimentation.