MUni tire for 24' Torker DX

I searched the threads to no avail on this. I want to replace the Kenda K-Rad tire on my Torker with an IRC “KUJO” knobby tire. I was wondering if anyone has it and likes or dislikes it. I am open for other 24in tire suggestions. I will be doing mostly singletrack MUni w/lots of roots and rocks!?!?

Oh yeah, its a 24" Torker not 24’!:smiley:

The Duro Wildlife Leopard is pretty knobby, and one of the cheaper 24"x3" tires I’ve seen…

I’ve got it on my Qu-Ax and it’s pretty good for hopping and playing in the mud.

one word <Gazzaloddi> that is the best muni tire in the world…if i had a muni it would not settle for anything less than a gazz.

Neither of the afore mentioned tires will fit his particular DX, which I assume is last years all black model which isn’t compatible with 3" tires.

And I’ve never seen an IRC KUJO tire.

Both those tires will fit both the '04 and '05 DX, (the 3" no fit was a myth). The rim is a bit narrow for the 3" tires though unless it’s an '06. You might do as well with a 2.6"

Its a 05 Torker DX. The Gazz tire is out of my budget. The Duro may be an option, the Cujo just looks rugged. Any thoughts on the Duro???

Ive ridden the kujo on my '06 Dx and I liked it, its got foam built into the sidewalls to prevent pinch flants. The one I used had already been worn down quite a bit prior to my use but it has a nice round profile and feels good all around.

I had the same question… I was considering the duro or the gazz. UDC says that the gazz will not fit, pdc you say “(the 3” no fit was a myth)" Does this include the 06 DX?

Here is a quote from UDC: Note: this configuration will accept the Duro Wildlife Leopard 24 x 3.0 tire, which can be ordered separately. The Nokian Gazzaloddi 24 x 3.0 tire will not fit.

Of course they said the older DX’s wouldn’t fit a 3" tire.