muni timetrial at valley forge park philadelphia.

Ok so me and my dad are organizing a muni time trial at valley forge state park in philadelphia. The loop is about 5 miles long and is mildly technical and not too many hills. We want to get at least 5 participants and we can get it going (keep in mind that this is not going to be anything too big: we meet, we ride, we award.) there aren’t going to be any special t-shirts or anything or cash prizes it’s basically a meeting and we’re going to throw a time trial in. so shoot me off a pm if you’re interested or just respond to the thread. I hope to see you out there. :slight_smile:

woops just realized I never said when. anyways I think we’re going to have it soon while the weather is nice so january 15th is our current date.

Do you provide plain tickets. if so i will go. long drive from CA.:smiley:

haha that might be a little bit out of our budget…

Just thought that i would ask. if you change your mind PM me or somthing. so much for my paid vacation. come on you have the money some where you dont need college. :smiley:

i would come if it was on the 14 i cant make aneything during the week

14th it is! we really don’t have any competitors yet but even if we don’t get enough we can still go ride.

I’d like to join you on some rides come Spring. I just started this month, and can go 3 miles, but it takes me over an hour to do it (UPD’s and all). I need to practice my freemounts; I can’t always find telephone poles and curbs in the woods. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck on your ride.