[MUni] Thrills. MUni at Fountainhead

I finally got around to putting together the footage we took at Fountainhead at the Norther Virginia uni Weekend over Thanksgiving.



Nice, looks like you guys had a great time. Fun riding with a bunch of folks.

Nice editing Seamus, good song choice too. Fountainhead was soo slippery that day.

The last downhill that Seamus did looks pretty easy from the video, in reality its so steep, probably at least 40 degree angle. (still annoyed I didn’t make it, I was so scared after falling forward on that).

Liked seeing the teeter totters done by James on his coker, that was awesome.

Props to Ben for the determination he put in on that ride, too bad we didn’t get some more of him on film.

That slope was nowhere near 40 degrees. It was steep, but forty degrees would be just about un-ridable.

Its freaking steep.

Nice video. Looks like you guys were having a good time :slight_smile:

Awsome :slight_smile:

HQ version?

I really liked the coker on the long log.

awesome…i’m glad this is up…ha, the only clip of me clearing anything is rolling over that little log in the intro…and i’m always flailing my arms about…it’s pretty amusing…i’m definitely a fair bit better by now…actually i was better on the second ride too, but there’s no video from that…

you other three, James, Max, and Seamus, were awesome, though…

we should go out again next time the trail is dry…