MUni the day before UNICON?

Hi all,

After a fruitless search I am still left with a nagging feeling that I read
a post a while back about a Muni event taking place the day before UNICON
starts. I’m flying in to Seattle on the 23rd form the UK so I’d love to come
along… assuming I’m not imagining all this. Can anyone shed some light on
this mystery event?

Re: MUni the day before UNICON?

We will have descriptions of the Muni fun rides up around the end of this week.
We have two rides that will happen in between NAUCC and UNICON:

July 24: We have rented St Edward Park. This park has many miles of great
singletrack. We’ll have to carpool to and from the park. We have it for the
full day. Harper: can you point people to your pictures of our ride?

July 25: We’ll to car/bus shuttles and ride the Iron Horse Trail–about 22
miles downhill on a gravel trail that follows an old railroad grade. Includes
2.5 mile tunnel and several high bridges. Serious lighting is required–wimpy
torches/flashlights are consumed by the Dark One. Also recommend using 26, 28,
29 inch or Coker because of the distance.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

The photos I took from the St. Edwards State Park Ride are at

The photos John and I took from the Iron Horse Trail are at

It looks like ofoto has gotten nasty and requires folks to join if they want to view albums. If this is objectionable to many I will go back to the list form.

hey Neil,

Can you say, “Jet lag”…?:wink:

work the maze, dude:D

Re: Re: MUni the day before UNICON?

The Iron Horse trail keeps getting longer every time you mention it. Last I saw it was about 17 miles for the Iron Horse ride from Hyak down to Olallie State Park. If you want a 22 mile ride we could go all the way to Rattlesnake Lake. I’ll have to get the map of the Iron Horse ride posted quickly before you tell everyone it is a 25 mile ride. :slight_smile:


Re: MUni the day before UNICON?

>The Iron Horse trail keeps getting longer every time you mention it.

OOPS! That’s why I’m not in charge of maps.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

sure i can say it now. I’m not so sure how it’ll come out when I crawl off the plane. So long as nobody minds riding between about 4pm and 8am I should be fine :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I’d love to make it along. Thanks for the link to the pics.